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Energy storage systems can help improve reliability and save you money. 

But they’re complex projects with multiple components that need to work together to safely manage power flowing into and out of the grid.  Getting it wrong is an expensive and dangerous mistake.

S&C has more experience integrating energy storage systems than any other company, with 189 MWh in projects throughout the world.  As experts in in-depth utility systems, we’re here to guide you through the complexity of energy storage so your system operates efficiently and adapts to the grid of tomorrow.

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Renewable Smoothing

Counteract variability in renewable generation

Peak Shaving

Reduce highest level of energy consumption

Energy Time Shifting

Save when cost of energy is low and use when costs are high

Frequency Regulation

Balance grid frequency by supplying either load or generation

Black Start

Initiate power and provide sync frequency for generation sources

Voltage/VAR Support

Maintain consistent voltage by varying reactive power

Local Capacity

Provide energy, typically in constrained areas of the grid

Transmission Deferral

Postpone investments in transmission assets

Distribution Deferral

Postpone investments in distribution assets


Operate independently from the grid

Spinning Reserve

Provide energy to cover in case of primary generation loss

Power Reliability

Support loads when the grid loses power

Transmission Congestion Relief

Reduce peak transmission capacity requirements

Frequency Response

Balance frequency quickly (<2 seconds) after a sudden change of power consumption or generation

Retail Energy Time Shifting

Sell energy at the retail rate versus the wholesale price

Power Quality

Protect loads from momentary events such as power interruptions and voltage sags and swells

Case Studies

Minster, Ohio

7MW ▪ 3MWh ▪ Lithium-ion
Powering a village and the U.S.’s largest yogurt factory

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Champaign, Illinois

.25MW ▪ .5MWh ▪ Lithium-ion
The first investor-owned utility microgrid on an active feeders

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Queensland, Australia

.5MW ▪ 2MWh ▪ Lithium-ion
Improving power quality in Australia’s outback

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Dublin, California

2MW ▪ 4MWh ▪ Lithium-ion
Fortifying Santa Rita Jail’s microgrid

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Victoria, Australia

2MW ▪ 2.2MWh ▪ Lithium-ion
Islanding and peak shaving in rural Australia

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Catalina Island, California

1MW ▪ 7MWh ▪ Sodium-sulfur
Reducing emissions and providing back-up power on Catalina Island

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Charleston, W. Virginia

1.2MW ▪ 8.4MWh ▪ Sodium-sulfur
North America’s first MW-class sodium-sulfur battery

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British Columbia, Canada

1MW ▪ 7MWh ▪ Sodium-sulfur
Canada’s first utility-scale energy storage system

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Project Install Video

Watch the installation of the Ameren project, the first investor-owned utility micgrogrid on an active feeder.

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