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Communicating with S&C’s Automation Products is easy using IntelliLink Setup Software or IntelliLink Remote Setup Software. These Windows®-based programs share a common interface that provides a consistent look and feel, plus similar screens, layouts, and procedures.

IntelliLink, furnished at no charge with S&C Automation Products, greatly simplifies device setup but offers no remote capability. IntelliLink Remote Setup Software permits configuration of, and download of data from, S&C’s unique IntelliRupter® PulseCloser®Fault Interrupter.

The main features of IntelliLink and IntelliLink Remote are compared in this table, along with the features of a typical SCADA system operating under DNP 3.0.

FunctionIntelliLinkIntelliLink RemoteTypical DNP SCADA System
View Data and Troubleshoot Information  
Remote Configuration    
Password Protection    
Multiple Device Access   Non-simultaneous
Download Data Report  
Change Control Software    
Audible Alarms    
Remote Control Using DNP Commands    
Unsolicited Reporting    
Global Commands    
Single-Line and System Overview    
Data, Event, and Alarm Logging     Limited
Scheduled Data Gathering     Limited
Set Point Logging      
User-Defined Screens      
Communication Medium Proprietary Protocol Over Serial or Point-to-Point Connection DNP Over Serial Connection, TCP/IP or UDP/IP DNP Over Serial Connection, TCP/IP or UDP/IP
Price Free with Device Annual License or Unlimited Device License

IntelliLink Setup Software is S&C’s Windows-based program for interfacing locally with our controls. You can view real-time data, manage setpoints, gather troubleshooting information, and download historical data for reports — all from screens that are easy to use and understand.

IntelliLink is included with all S&C Automation Products.

IntelliLink Remote expands upon IntelliLink, adding the ability to remotely access control information over the communication link of DNP-equipped S&C Automation Products. IntelliLink requires that the user directly connect a PC to a particular S&C Automation Product. If the user has a number of controls to configure (or reconfigure), this can involve a good deal of travel and time.

With IntelliLink Remote, all setup and data-gathering capabilities of IntelliLink are available remotely on S&C Automation Products operating under DNP 3.0 by connecting a computer to the SCADA communication port on one of the networked devices. The only time a direct connection to a particular device is necessary is to load updated operating system software. IntelliLink Remote is also capable of communicating over Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP/IP, allowing operation through gateways and servers.

IntelliLink Remote also offers password protection features that only allow authorized access to IntelliLink.

IntelliLink Remote can be applied in a variety of ways. One example is shown below.

IntelliLink Remote example diagram.