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Not so long ago, only a few industries, such as hospitals and federal institutions, were considered mission critical and in need of highly reliable power.

But in today’s modern, competitive, and tech-driven world, uninterrupted power is essential to everyday business operations and safety—as a necessity, not a luxury.

Even short outages can cause massive repercussions for the industries that form the core of global economies and provide critical community resources.

With higher stakes and rising expectations, the power is in your hands to keep your business up and running, competitive, and safe.

Consequences of Outages

For commercial and industrial businesses, reliable energy isn’t simply a matter of convenience – it is an absolute necessity. For these companies, the cost of outages and downtime can be devastating.

Healthcare, Universities, Manufacturing, Data Centers, First Responders, Jails, Military Bases, Water and Wastewater, Oil and Gas, Mining, Banking and Finance, Airports


With a full range of innovative medium-voltage solutions, S&C can ensure C&I businesses don’t have to experience the consequences of unreliable power. Explore our featured solutions to discover how S&C can help save your business from the potentially devastating cost of power outages.


Take reliability into your own hands with an advanced microgrid that will provide your business with resilient power—even if the rest of the grid goes dark.

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Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear & Vista® SD Underground Distribution Switchgear

Discover an elegant medium-voltage switchgear solution that improves resiliency while saving you time, money, and space.

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From analytical studies to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) delivery, along with field services and technical support, S&C has experience in providing a full range of power-delivery services to fit all your project needs.

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Self-Healing Grids

Not just for utilities, S&C implements self-healing grids in commercial and industrial environments to reduce fault-restoration times to mere seconds—all without human intervention.

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Automatic Source-Transfer

Medium-voltage automatic source transfer doesn’t have to be complicated or risky. Let S&C show you how simple this solution can be.

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Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Unrivaled in flexibility and a time-tested reputation, S&C Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear is an ideal solution for C&I customers’ medium-voltage power circuits.

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Case Studies


ENMU saved from repeated outages by the implementation of smart grid system.

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Oil Refinery

Versatile Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear is the solution to a multitude of customer needs.

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Remote Supervisory Vista switchgear provides improved reliability.

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Microgrid with energy storage solution projected to save country $100,000 per year.

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Data Center

Revolutionary self-healing distribution system improved reliability and safety, while reducing costs 40%.

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Water Utility

S&C’s solution helps ensure distribution of clean water to millions of people.

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Improving Reliability

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Data Centers

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