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A new lateral protection strategy using S&C's TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser can dramatically improve the way your utility responds to 80% of faults.

When a fault occurs, this Smart Grid solution eliminates momentary outages for customers on the main feeder by only blinking the affected laterals.

This approach saves money for the utility and its customers while improving reliability for all.


Learn how temporary faults are impacting your reliability and bottom line.


TripSaver II reclosers offer a number of advantages over traditional lateral protection devices.

Reduces momentary outages

Pays for itself in 4 avoided truck rolls

Combines fuse-blowing and fuse-savings methods

Savings Calculator

Pick a feeder on your system, and calculate how much you could save by using a TripSaver II recloser.


Compare TripSaver II reclosers with traditional fuse-saving and fuse-blowing lateral protection strategies. Choose each scenario, and click the right arrow under “Overhead Lateral Fault” to move through the simulations.


TCC Curve Variety

Excellent coordination with other devices.

Overload Interruption

Device will drop open on overload condition.

Reclosing Operations

Up to three reclosings before it drops open with a visible open gap.

Remote Communications

Communications with back-office system via gateway box option.

Fewer Momentary Interruptions

Cuts momentary interruptions and improves MAIFI performance.

Fewer Sustained Interruptions

Cuts sustained service interruptions. Improves SAIFI and SAIDI.

Restraint Feature

In-rush restraint feature always on. Will not nuisance trip on in-rush.

Operational Status

LCD screens display real-time device status with information scrolling.

Ice Breaking

Capability for device to break ¾" (20mm) of ice.

Sectionalizing Mode

Can operate as a sectionalizer over a range of fault currents.

Service Center

Service center configurable. Can reconfigure operating sequence.

Microprocessor Control

Line-powered microprocessor control with no batteries needed.


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