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As you add to your fleet of distributed intelligent devices, you’re outgrowing the tools you use to manage it. Those tools require you to manually manage devices one at a time. The more devices you have, the more time and money you’ll spend managing them—and the greater the risk for operational error.

The IntelliTeam FMS Feeder Management System is the efficient, yet simple, solution for managing your entire fleet of S&C devices. It automates systemwide activities—saving you money, improving your reliability, and making your life easier.


Saves Time & Operational Costs

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Improves Reliability & Reduces Risk

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Easy to Install & Operate

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The IntelliTeam FMS Feeder Management System’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to see the holistic view of your system, work with groups of devices, and analyze a single device. Here’s a peek at what it looks like:

FMS screenshot



Get the big-picture view of your system to identify trends and improvement opportunities.

Device Details

Analyze information specific to a single device (e.g., diagnostics, settings, and status).

Advanced Device Filtering

Use in-depth filters to work with a selected group of devices.

Device File Retrieval

Remotely download multiple device files (including .event and .wav files).


Manually or automatically generate reports and send them to your email.

Data Graphing

Visualize multiple analog and Boolean data points for one or more devices.


Easily set and manage notifications about your devices.

Settings Management

Change and log settings for one or more devices.

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