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Every year the grid becomes more dynamic and complex. Utilities are now contending with multiple distributed energy resources (DERs) throughout the distribution system, creating new challenges around maintaining reliability.

These technologies create two-way power flow, which is straining existing infrastructure. To manage DERs, utilities are increasing grid sectionalization. But that’s creating its own challenges.

Achieving widespread sectionalization requires your overhead feeder switches to be dependableregardless of whether you deploy 10 or 1,000 switches. Ineffective switches can worsen customer outages, hurt your reliability performance metrics, and add operations and maintenance (O&M) costs to your balance sheet.

S&C’s Omni-Rupter® Switches are key for mass sectionalization because they’re dependable, robust, and hassle-free to install.


A well-performing switch must be optimized in three critical areas:

Dependable Operation

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Easy Installation

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Robust Capabilities

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A Complex Power Grid Requires A Widescale Sectionalizing Solution


Lightning Bolt

Wide Range of Ratings

Interrupts up to 900 A through 29 kV and 630 A through 38 kV

Spring Coil Icon

Articulating Terminal Pads

Provides flexibility when connecting jumpers

Man Lifting Weights Icon

Lifting Bracket

 Single-point lift for easy install

Man Extendo Stick Icon

Hookstick-Operated Option

Extendo-stick simplifies switch operation

Squirrel Icon

Wildlife Protection

Guards against unwanted contact from pesky creatures

Thermostat Freezing Icon

Ice Shields

Allows operation in icy conditions 

Key Icon

Clamping System

Secures and permanently locks pole-units to base

Shield and Sword Icon

Single-Piece Blade

Comes factory-aligned, and nickel-silver plated copper adds durability

Play Button Icon

Floating Button Fixed Contact

Allows switch to self-adjust to mechanical stresses

Dark Cloud Thunder Icon

Greaseless-Contact Option

Provides operational certainty in harsh environments

Light Feather Icon

Fiberglass Base Option

Lightweight construction for easy crew deployment

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