S&C Electric Company Helps Pave the Way to Smarter Cities by Contributing to Smart Cities Readiness Guide

CHICAGO – March 9, 2016 – S&C Electric Company, a Lead Partner of the Smart Cities Council, is providing guidance to cities to become smarter through contributions to the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. The Readiness Guide is the world’s leading framework for government leaders to enhance the livability, workability and sustainability of their cities. It is currently in use by thousands of cities around the world to help shape their future initiatives, from Hartford to Dubai to Mauritius to Yinchuan.

“Electricity is a fundamental need for any city, but now more than ever cities are empowered to transform the way they use and distribute energy” said Mike Edmonds, president of S&C Electric Company’s U.S. Business. “S&C’s contributions to the Smart Cities Council’s Readiness Guide provide cities a path to improve the resiliency of their power grid and lower the economic costs of power outages for their citizens. These smart cities realize the economic benefits of these investments by being able attract and retain businesses.”

S&C proudly supports the Smart Cities Council in advocating the evolution toward smart, sustainable cities. Below are a few of its contributions to the Readiness Guide:

Designed for mayors, city managers, urban planners and their staff, the Guide provides objective, vendor-neutral information to help cities make confident, educated choices about the technologies they can use to transform their city. The new version enables users to have easier access to the 200+ case studies helping cities address the challenges of rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure, climate change and strong economic competition.

“The new online version enables easier access to the information they will find most valuable,” said Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst. “Cities around the world are already utilizing the Readiness Guide to make tremendous progress in achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability, and we are pleased to make this valuable resource even easier for cities to use.”

S&C Electric Company’s innovative solutions for distribution automation and power delivery are helping cities around the world transition to cleaner and more reliable supplies of electricity required in the 21st century. S&C’s groundbreaking technologies can reduce the length and frequency of power outages, improve energy efficiency, support advanced microgrids and grid-scale energy storage, and make it practical to use such variable renewable-energy sources as wind and solar power on a larger scale. With its unmatched heritage of innovation and performance, S&C delivers solutions to address not only today’s power grid challenges, but tomorrow’s as well.

The Guide was originally launched in 2013 as a downloadable PDF and quickly became the framework for Smart Cities Readiness Workshops, a program that provides hand-on guidance to cities to create their individual roadmap. 


S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

March 9, 2016