Technology Keeps Us Close to Customers

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The “new normal” continues to bring S&Cers adjustments and growth opportunities as many of us have transitioned to working remotely in at least some capacity. In-person meetings are limited, if available at all, presenting a unique circumstance for our Sales team. To meet this challenge head on, the S&C Sales Training Group created eLearning with virtual training sessions in July aimed at helping participants increase their confidence with the ins and outs of online meetings using Microsoft Teams.

The goal of this training is to get team members comfortable with the technology that’s taking us through this pandemic so that talking to customers and colleagues is as effortless as it was before. These sessions feature interactive exercises to warm up the brain and engaging activities to keep team members alert and mentally nimble.

Innovation has always been at the core of S&C, and, during a time like this, that means altering the ways we communicate. We’re being asking to adapt to technology faster than ever before, and that creates unforeseen barriers as we try to connect with others. Manager of Global Sales Training Janet McCormick explains, “The new normal of building remote relationships requires removing barriers that include unfamiliar webinar technology and countless customer distractions.”

Janet stresses the importance of such training as we adapt, adding, “Just as S&C conducted a safety audit to respond to the COVID-19 health and safety needs of S&Cers in our facilities, this same responsiveness is required to meet the needs of our Sales team and our customers.” With the support of the S&C Global Sales Training Group, these needs are being be met.


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S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

July 8, 2020