Chicago Ordinance To Self Quarantine Following Travel

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The City of Chicago has issued an ordinance to self-quarantine following  travel from designated States in the United States ( This ordinance goes into effect on July 6th.  S&C’s team members are “essential workers” and are not subject to the mandatory self-quarantine if they are traveling for work purposes and should report to work. Attached are two letters that you can download and use if you have Team Members in one of the following situations and should they ask for documentation from S&C.

  1. Non-resident of Chicago traveling from a designated State to Chicago for the primary purpose of carrying out primary work in Chicago 

  2. Resident of Chicago returning from a designated State where they were carrying work (e.g. services teams)

Please reach out to me or your HRBP know if you have questions.


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Aurelie Richard

Publication Date

July 6, 2020