Collaboration Drives Success in Oklahoma

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As the COVID-19 outbreak spread across the world, a large order for IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupters was doubled by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO), a division of American Electric Power. Improving reliability for their over 500,000 customers is a top priority while so many are working essential jobs, doing business from home, educating students through technology, and more, so PSO plans to deploy an additional 250 IntelliRupter Fault Interrupters by the end of 2020. S&Cers in Chicago, Franklin, and our Dallas Service Center worked tirelessly to build these systems quickly and deploy them to meet tight deadlines.

Part of the reward for all the good work S&C does comes when the stakeholders go out of their way to make their feelings known. Two of PSO’s leaders sent a letter of heartfelt thanks to the S&C teams, saying: “Completion of these plans would not be possible without the assistance of Doug Osborn and the dedication and commitment of S&C employees.” In the accompanying email, they added that S&Cers are a pleasure to work with on such a large project.

Doug Osborn of S&C sales rep Oberlender & Associates also thanked the team, writing, “Thank you guys for the extra effort and all the overtime you put into completing these units and helping PSO meet two very aggressive installation deadlines! Every time I have reached out to you, you have always done what you can to support my efforts with the AEP-PSO account!”

Our VP of Global Sales Operations Gary Wetzel added his congratulations to the team members involved, saying, “It is performance like this that keeps S&C growing, especially during these trying times. It is also the kind of performance that S&C is known for and that customers can and should expect from us.”

This project has helped to develop a strong relationship with AEP-PSO. Team members should be proud knowing the deployment of our IntelliRupter Fault Interrupters will help keep their lights


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S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

June 22, 2020