Solutions for Grid Connectivity

Solutions for Grid Connectivity

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Through S&C’s century-long history of innovation, not only have we developed deep expertise in the switching and protection technologies needed to direct the flow of electricity, we’ve become a leading provider of advanced communication systems for making the grid smarter. It’s a combination unmatched by other suppliers. This breadth and depth of experience uniquely qualifies us to provide communication systems solutions addressing the diverse requirements of the intelligent electrical power grid.

With our portfolio of advanced mesh network communication devices, controls, and software, S&C’s team of communication experts will partner with you to engineer and design, integrate, deploy, test, and maintain a system that provides the security, speed, and reliability essential to the success of your applications. Utilizing the same field-proven capabilities that have built $100M wind farms, substations, and distribution automation systems, we will deliver a communication systems solution that meets your goals and expectations.

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S&C’s comprehensive portfolio of communication systems products and services are well suited for a wide range of Smart Grid applications, including:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Distribution Automation
  • Workforce Mobility
  • Distribution Management Systems
  • Outage Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Volt-VAR Management Systems
  • Demand Response
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Management
  • Area Networks (MAN, DAN, WAN, LAN)
  • Network Security
  • Video Surveillance

Communication Devices

S&C’s communication devices provide the reliable, high-throughput, low-latency communication required by many Smart Grid applications.

  • SpeedNet™ Radio
    S&C’s SpeedNet™ Radio makes real-time information and power exchange a reality. Combining secure long-range communication, high-volume data transmission, and flexible mesh networking, SpeedNet Radios vastly improve the performance of private-network utility radio systems.

  • SpeedNet™ ME Mesh End-Point Radio
    SpeedNet™ ME Mesh End-Point Radio is specifically targeted for the communication needs of end-node SCADA devices. It provides a fast link to its next-hop neighbor(s), which can be a SpeedNet™ Repeater Radio, as part of a SpeedNet Radio mesh network or the actual destination.

  • SpeedNet™ SDR Software Defined Radios
    SpeedNet™ SDR Software Defined Radios are Ethernet radios equipped for high-volume data transmission, enabling automation in difficult-to-access areas. They optimize parameters across three axes: power output, channel size, and modulation.

Communication Controls and Software

S&C’s communication controls and software provide advanced monitoring and management to optimize network performance, reliability, and security.

  • IntelliTeam® CNMS Communication Network Management System 
    IntelliTeam CNMS provides utilities with a comprehensive view of network topology and performance through a browser-based interface. It lets users monitor S&C SpeedNet™ Radio networks of all sizes using real-time and archived data. An advanced solution, IntelliTeam CNMS enables the highly reliable communication needed for a smarter grid.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in control and communication systems for electric utilities, S&C can provide a range of consulting services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • System engineering and design. We can specify the appropriate radios, as well as remote terminal units, terminal servers, and networking equipment . . . from the feeder all the way to your corporate network.
  • Installation and commissioning. S&C engineers can install and configure hardware and software, ensuring that your project start-up goes smoothly.
  • Field surveys. S&C can perform topographical analyses, along with site surveys, to verify that your communication network is functioning reliably.
  • Network migration planning. S&C can assist with communication product retrofits and upgrades that provide heightened functionality.