S&C Publishes Its 2017 ‘Corporate Responsibility Report’

In conjunction with Earth Day 2018, S&C Electric Company is pleased to announce the release its 2017Corporate Responsibility Report.” Formerly known as the company’s “Sustainability Report,” this document is packed with information and supportive data related to S&C’s global conservation and environmental-protection initiatives, efforts to maintain a healthy work environment and workforce, and notable company and team-member projects that support our local communities.

Among the key 2017 initiatives and accomplishments, S&C:

• Spent more than $1 million on activities supporting community development and health services, arts and culture, and education

• Facilities in Chicago; Franklin, Wisconsin; Alameda, California; West Palm Beach, Florida; and Suzhou, China, became certified or recertified as compliant with the latest ISO 14001:2015 environmental-management standard

• Provided $355,000 in tuition reimbursements to its team members

• Avoided sending 94.4% of its waste from its main manufacturing facility in Chicago to landfill

• Recycled 8.6 million pounds of scrap metal, the equivalent to eight Airbus A380 airplanes

• Composted 63,833 pounds of food waste and associated food containers

• Reduced its water use by 10% from 2016

• Cut its electricity use relative to production by 7% and its natural gas use by 2% from 2016

A global provider of reliability solutions for the electric grid, S&C is committed to sustainability not just through its internal operations, but also through the products and services it offers that help integrate renewable generation into the grid.

Download S&C’s 2017 “Corporate Responsibility Report” to learn more about what S&C doing to protect the Earth and its team members, and to support local communities.



S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

April 20, 2018