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Modern electrical demands are exposing weaknesses within power grids. The classic strategy of prioritizing feeder upgrades has left laterals vulnerable to frequent outages and utilities unable to meet rising customer expectations.

That’s a problem in our digitally connected society with consumers no longer tolerating outages of any type. To meet this challenge, it’s time to reassess your lateral protection strategy.

S&C’s suite of smart devices brings advanced end-to-end protection to your laterals. Utilizing these devices means fewer outages, reduced O&M costs by eliminating truck rolls, and happier customers.


Laterals are the most vulnerable part of your grid

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Smart devices provide end-to-end lateral protection

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Mitigate unnecessary truck rolls and improve customer satisfaction

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Multi-Tier Lateral Automation End-to-End Protection Advances Utility Reliability

End-to-End Products

Explore the suite of S&C lateral protection products suited to your needs.

TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser

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VacuFuse® II Self-Resetting Interrupter

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Improved Reliability

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Reduced O&M Costs

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Lower Spark Levels

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Minimize Impact of Permanent Faults

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Case Studies


80,000 Reclosers Combat Nation’s Toughest Weather

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Minas Gerais, Brazil

Improving Reliability by More Than 90%

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Northeastern Oklahoma

Breaking a Costly, Annual Maintenance Cycle

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Parana, Brazil

National Regulatory Requirements Met with Reclosers

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South Island, New Zealand

Reclosers Provide Significant Reduction in O&M Costs

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United Kingdom

Recloser Installation Achieves Speedy Return On Investment

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Federated States of Micronesia

Island Nation Enhances Reliability, Resilience with Reclosers

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