S&C Electric Company to Showcase Breakthrough Innovations at 2022 IEEE PES T&D

S&C's Vacufuse II Self Resetting Interrupter installed on a distribution pole

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience new products in-person, including the VacuFuse® II Self-Resetting Interrupter

CHICAGO, April 25, 2022 – S&C Electric Company, a leading grid innovator improving power reliability and delivery worldwide, will be showcasing its latest grid-modernization solutions at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition. Taking place in New Orleans from April 25-28, IEEE PES T&D will be the first opportunity for the electric power industry to experience in-person S&C’s latest innovation, the VacuFuse® II Self-Resetting Interrupter, which launched in January 2022.

The VacuFuse II interrupter is the only advanced lateral protection device developed for the edge of the grid. Replacing overhead distribution transformer fuses, this innovation brings fault-testing further down lateral lines than ever before. With 70 percent of faults at these locations caused by nuisance issues, the VacuFuse II interrupter prevents unnecessary sustained outages, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction in fault-prone areas and improving resiliency as the grid faces increasingly severe storms.

At only 12 pounds, the VacuFuse II interrupter’s lightweight and ergonomic design offers easy installation for crews. Show attendees will have the opportunity to engage hands-on with the VacuFuse II interrupter to get a feel for handling and operating this compact fault-testing device.

Also featured in S&C’s booth will be the eco-friendly Vista® Green Underground Distribution Switchgear. Using a mixture of carbon dioxide and 3M™ Novec™ 4710 Insulating Gas in place of SF6 gas, S&C’s latest switchgear offering has the lowest total carbon footprint of comparable submersible switchgear. Offering the same features and reliability as SF6 gas-insulated options, S&C’s Vista Green switchgear helps the industry achieve its sustainability goals without compromising on performance.

“Customer demand for more sustainable, reliable, and resilient power delivery is driving grid-modernization efforts,” stated Anders Sjoelin, President and CEO of S&C Electric Company. “S&C is committed to helping our customers navigate the ongoing energy transition and shape the future grid. Our breakthrough solutions are developed alongside our customers to ensure they solve the challenges of today while anticipating evolving energy needs.”

Located at booth 8229, S&C will feature a variety of other grid-modernization solutions, including the IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter and TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser. For more information on S&C Electric Company, including details on the VacuFuse II Self-Resetting Interrupter and Vista Green Underground Distribution Switchgear, visit sandc.com.


S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

April 26, 2022