S&C Technology Helps Save 1.2 Billion Customer Outage Minutes in 2016

New Smart Grid Innovations Showcased at 2017 DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition will Continue to Catapult Reliability Efforts Worldwide
CHICAGO, January 31, 2017 – S&C Electric Company, a smart grid leader shaping the future of power delivery, announced it has helped utility customers avoid more than 1.2 billion customer outage minutes in 2016. The number demonstrates the progress S&C’s innovative reliability solutions have made to reduce the duration and frequency of power outages for utility customers around the world.

“For every minute an outage was avoided, it meant that there was a home, business, or critical piece of community infrastructure that was able to keep functioning without disruption,” said Mike Edmonds, president – US Business, S&C Electric Company. “It’s just another example of how we are continuing to set a high standard for our customers when it comes to grid reliability and keeping the lights on around the world.”

The annual outage minutes S&C helped avoid was made possible by myriad of innovations introduced to the grid over the last century. S&C will display their newest reliability innovations at the DistribuTECH 2017 Conference & Exhibition. This includes:

  • A live microgrid demonstration that utilizes S&C’s recently acquired IPERC controls with S&C’s automation and battery energy storage solutions. The system will show conference attendees the functionality of a microgrid and how it supports both utility and private users’ goals of increasing resiliency and modernizing the grid.  

  • The unveiling of new communication option for the grid changing TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser, which improves reliability at the edge of the grid as well as saving operations cost of the utility. The feature will allow customers to communicate with the recloser units, preventing unnecessary truck rolls and enabling faster response times.

  • The introduction of a new split-bus configuration for the Vista® SD Underground Distribution Switchgear. The new configuration provides utilities with advanced source-transfer capabilities when deploying S&C’s industry leading submersible switchgear in underground distribution systems; ideal for mission critical loads such as hospitals or data centers.

  • Live demonstrations of the latest expansion to their IntelliTeam® FMS software which makes it even easier for S&C customers to manage their growing fleets of intelligent devices, reduce operation costs, and improve reliability.

DistribuTECH 2017 is being held at the San Diego Convention Center from January 31 – February 2. S&C Electric Company can be located at booth #2430.


S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

January 31, 2017