S&C Publishes Its 2019 ‘Corporate Responsibility Report’

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

In conjunction with Earth Day, S&C Electric Company is pleased to announce the release its 2019 “Corporate Responsibility Report.” This document is packed with information and supportive data related to S&C’s global conservation and environmental-protection initiatives, efforts to maintain a healthy work environment and workforce, and notable company and team-member projects that support our local communities.

Key highlights in the report regarding S&C initiatives and accomplishments in 2018 include:

  • Being a diverse, equal-opportunity, majority-minority company, 65% of S&C’s workforce at its main manufacturing facility in Chicago, and 62% across all of its locations globally, are represented by women and persons of color.

  • S&C spent more than $1 million on activities supporting community development and health services, arts and culture, and education.

  • S&C avoided sending 93.7% of its trash to landfills, and it diverted 13.8 million pounds from landfills in 2018.

  • S&C set a company record for composting at its main manufacturing facility in Chicago, growing by 15%, to 36.7 tons from 31.9 tons in 2017.

  • Hand incident first-aid cases dropped by 37% year over year, while hand recordable injuries dropped by 61% during the same time period.

  • Electricity use at its Chicago headquarters totaled 37.8 million kWh, down 2.1% from 2017. Power use relative to production also dropped, to a factor of 18.56, down 2.5% from 2017.

  • S&C’s water use in 2018 continued its steady decline, to 57.4 million gallons, down 1.4% from the previous year. Water use relative to facility size and production also fell, to a factor of 28.20, down 1.7% from 2017.

  • Total natural gas use rose in 2018, to 1.6 million therms, up 6.7% from 2017, driven primarily by weather. However, natural gas use relative to facility size and production was down 7.7%, to a factor of 125.8.

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) production at S&C’s main manufacturing plant in Chicago was down 6.5%, and . S&C expects to see its VOC production to drop by 95% in 2019 as the plant shifts from liquid to powder-on-powder painting.

A global provider of reliability solutions for the electric grid, S&C is committed to corporate diversity and sustainability not just through its internal operations, but also through the products and services it offers that help integrate renewable generation into the grid.

Download S&C’s 2019 “Corporate Responsibility Report” to learn more about what S&C doing to protect the Earth and its team members, and to support local communities.


S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

April 22, 2019