End-to-End Vision for Product Innovation, R&D, and Net-Zero Commitment Drives S&C Sustainability Strategy


CHICAGO, February 7, 2024 – S&C Electric Company, a leader in grid transformation, announced progress toward key milestones of its sustainability strategy.

Primarily, the company emphasized its commitment to removing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and decarbonizing its global manufacturing processes by 2050 and set ambitious interim reduction targets for 2030.

An employee-owned company, S&C has built a strong business culture around its values and guiding principles of Personal Integrity, Respect for People, Commitment to Excellence, and Responsible Stewardship. These are reflected in the company’s environmental sustainability strategy, with marked progress in reducing direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions.

S&C’s manufacturing processes have been 100% powered by renewable sources globally since 2020, well ahead of its 2030 goal. S&C has also achieved a 78% reduction in GHG-emission intensity across its global operations since the baseline year set in 2014.

S&C’s efforts toward building an outage-free, sustainable electrical energy future were further validated through its CDP 2023 Climate Change survey score. S&C was awarded a B score, a marked improvement since the company’s first disclosure in 2018.

“At S&C, our sustainability strategy provides an end-to-end framework for how we innovate for and impact the future. As we empower our customers to transform the grid for resilience against the effects of climate change, we embrace sustainability at the core of our operations and offerings,” said Anders Sjoelin, President and CEO of S&C.

“We’ve made great progress since we began measuring a decade ago, but we won’t stop there. We’ll continue to follow UN standards to develop robust actions that meet stakeholders’ expectations, align with our commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, and foster a sustainable energy future.”

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S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

February 7, 2024