PPE Disposal and Safety Update

To all S&C Canada Team Members,

On Monday, a used mask and gloves were found in the Toner Recycling bin. The toner recycling bin is approximately 10 feet away from the mask disposal area and should be used only for toner. I am unable to understand why anybody would drop their mask and gloves improperly, when the proper location is just steps away. Please see photos below.

Improper disposal of PPE masks in printer toner recycling
Hallway with green doors marking distance

It is mandatory that all masks should be disposed of properly. All masks must be placed in a plastic bag and then dropped into one of the 4 specially marked bins around the exits. It is also a best practice to use these same mask bins to get rid of your disposable gloves as well.

Furthermore, sanitization bottles have gone missing. Please do not remove any bottles from the S&C campus. Any team member found to be taking a sanitization bottle home, will be reprimanded.

You may have also noticed that additional measures have been implemented to help with physical distancing. Lines have been placed on the floor 6 ft apart. These lines will help Team Members know how far apart to stand from others at queues at mask lineup areas and in front of washroom entrances. In the Building 5 wiring area transparent barriers have been added to improve safety for these Team Members, given the tight space. See attached photos. Can you spot the 5 team members working in the wiring area? S&C will continue to monitor workspaces and will identify areas needing additional barriers or markings.

Barriers in manufacturing, team member safety, covid, covid-19
social distance, factory, manufacturing
social distance, factory, manufacturing

These are very busy times for everybody. In particular, our custodial staff have had to adapt to an increase in cleaning. In order to make their jobs a little more manageable, some disposal bins have been removed. In Buildings 2 and 3 there will only be one set of bins, which are located along each main hallway. The other waste bins in buildings 2 and 3 have been removed. We have also made adjustments in buildings 5 and 5A.

If you notice a full waste bin, please call Juergen Bilo in maintenance at extension 3425 to get it cleaned right away.

I would also like to take this time to personally thank the custodial staff for managing to keep our facility clean during these difficult times. Thank you.



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S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

April 23, 2020