Use of Facial Coverings "Masks" at S&C Canada

To all S&C Canada Team Members;

As you will recall, on April 8, I sent an email to all S&C Canada Team Members regarding the use of masks. S&C Canada has been closely monitoring the position of both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, with respect to the use of masks. Both agree that face coverings can help stop the spread of COVID-19. On Monday April 13, S&C Chicago implemented a mandatory requirement that all S&C Team Members must wear a face covering when in an open area.

Today, S&C Canada is in a position to fit all Team Members with a face covering. As such, Laura Cudizio has been meeting with all supervisors explaining the use of the facial covering as well as how to properly dispose it. Please wear a facial covering every time you are at 90 Belfield, unless you are in a fully enclosed space.

I heard a rumour today that somebody at S&C Canada contracted the virus. This is not true. Please know that if somebody tests positive, it will be communicated to the entire S&C Canada community. However, due to Privacy Law team members will be informed where, but not who has tested positive. To date, we have not had any Canada team members test positive for COVID-19. We all want to keep it that way and having another layer of protection, can only help.

Also note, S&C Chicago is testing all team member’s temperatures before entering their building. S&C Canada would like to adopt this practice as well, and are currently investigating how we can do it. Again, this is another precautionary measure to keep everybody safe. Leadership is also investigating other safety measures that will be implemented in the coming days. Stay tuned.

If we all work together, we can have a safe work environment.


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S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

April 16, 2020