Canada COVID-19 Update: From Human Resources

S&C Electric Canada Ltd. (S&C Canada) Team Members,

Firstly, S&C Canada Leadership would like to thank each S&C team member for being flexible during these uncertain times. To ensure that all team members receive updates regarding COVID-19, we are also sending this email to hourly team members who do not have an S&C email. Please see below for a summary of updates that have been shared with team members.

Safety Measures at S&C Canada

Your health and safety remains a key concern and priority for leadership as we continue to strive to meet our customer needs, and through our work support and protect essential services and the power grid. As you are aware, we have and will continue to put measures in place to protect the safety of our team members. As part of these efforts we ask everyone to do their part to ensure the safety of all.

For those who need to travel to 90 Belfield Road to perform daily work:

  • Watch this handwashing video from the WHO.
  • You must ensure social distancing – do not gather in groups particularly at break time or lunch time.
  • You must clean three times per shift – a thorough 15-minute cleaning at the start and end of the shift and a wipe down mid-shift.  You will be required to complete a Daily Sanitization Routine form to capture your sanitization efforts.
  • You must stay in the building that you work in (except if your job requires you to move from building to building).

Stay Home if You Are Sick

We presently have 9 Canadian team members out due to illness, travel, and family. To date, no one has tested positive for COVID-19. The HR team has been diligent in monitoring these team members over the course of their quarantine and clearing them when it is safe to return to work. If you are feeling ill or someone in your family is ill or you have been in contact with an individual who has the COVID-19 virus, please to continue to follow HR guidelines and reach out to

COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations (or at Risk Populations)

The Government of Canada website informs that there is an increased risk of more severe outcomes for Canadians who are part of vulnerable populations which include individuals:

  • aged 65 and over
  • with compromised immune systems
  • with underlying medical conditions (e.g., chronic lung disease, serious heart condition, immunocompromised (including cancer treatments), diabetes, and liver disease)

Please contact Human Resources at if you are part of one of these groups and you are comfortable disclosing. This information is considered confidential and will be secured in HR.


The HR department has created an Instagram account as another way to communicate updates to current S&C Canada team members. To help you connect through Instagram, we have created the following attached instructions:

Wellness Resources

Mental and Physical Wellness

A reminder that you can use our Employer and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, Lifeworks, as a resource to help you during this uncertain time. You can contact Lifeworks at 1-877-307-1080 or online through, User ID: sandc, Password: fuse

Financial Wellness

COVID-19 has disrupted people's everyday lives and the financial markets.  How long will this major downturn last is anyone's guess, but when such a situation occurs, we often witness another phenomenon that is just as viral: a feeling of doubt, and even panic, among investors.  Everybody knows, though, that panic can cause people to make rash decisions that they later regret.

Please contact Industrial Alliance, our Retirement and Savings program service provider or reach out to your financial advisor, if you have questions or concerns.

Social Wellness

To help educate plan members about COVID-19 and how it may impact them, Sun Life is continuously sharing information on the my Sun Life mobile app,, and on They have also launched a dedicated page for plan members at that is continually updated with the latest information.

We have also attached the following resources for your reference:

Thank you for continuing to follow the preventative measures that have been advised to keep you, your family, and the community safe.

Written on behalf of Human Resources

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S&C Electric Canada Ltd.

Publication Date

April 8, 2020