Vista Overcurrent Control 2.0

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A Vista Overcurrent Control USB driver is required to access and program the control via a USB. There are two versions of the driver—one for Microsoft Windows 10, and one for earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. Download the driver file for your version of Microsoft Windows below. For instructions on installing the driver, refer to the appropriate instruction sheet below.

Download Drivers

Windows 11

Windows 10

Earlier Windows Versions



You can access the instruction sheet for the Vista Overcurrent Control 2.0 here.

Information Bulletin 680-211 contains curve plots for all Vista Overcurrent Control 2.0 TCCs. It also contains equation parameters for E-speed, T-speed, Tap, Main, IEEE, and IEC curves. Data points for K-speed curves can be found here.

The original Vista Overcurrent Control TCCs are available here.


If you’re experiencing issues with these drivers, submit a technical support request.


You can watch the instructional video below.