Coordinaide™ — The S&C Protection & Coordination Assistant

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A new version of the Coordinaide protection and coordination assistant software is now available for use. This version features an updated look and feel for the user interface. Key new features include:

  • No limitation on the number of devices that can be added to the TCC curve plot
  • Easier navigation by noting all devices and information on one screen
  • A new Project Summary option that includes all the device information in a user-downloadable PDF file format
  • The addition of Vista Overcurrent Control 2.0 TCC curves (available as part of two new device selections)
  • An updated help guide with information on how to use the software (available as a PDF file from the software menu)
Click the link below to access the new version of the Coordinaide protection and coordination assistant software today!

The Coordinaide protection and coordination assistant software lets you quickly and easily select the optimal protective device (e.g., fuses, TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Reclosers, Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear, or IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupters) to:

  • Protect transformers against damaging overcurrents and coordinate with primary- and secondary-side protective devices.  See how S&C's novel Transformer Protection Index (TPI) can be used to determine if the primary fuse will protect against certain types of secondary-side faults, including arcing phase-to-ground secondary-side faults.
  • Protect capacitor units against case rupture.
  • Protect underground cables from insulation damage due to excessive temperatures.
  • Protect overhead conductors from damage due to annealing.
  • Confirm the proper operation of protective devices against incident-arc energy curves for various Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) levels.
  • Selectively coordinate two or more devices in series to minimize service interruptions.

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