Solutions for Solar Energy

Solutions for Solar Energy

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S&C offers a wide range of products and services to facilitate solar energy plant connection to the grid. We’ve furnished the switching and protection equipment; VAR compensation products; and a variety of services including analytical studies, engineering, and field services for both Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic solar plants.

For 100 years, S&C has specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative products for the electric power industry, along with delivery of comprehensive expert services for this field. And over the past decade, we’ve helped develop the collection systems, and satisfied the interconnect requirements, for over 2700 MW of renewable energy. S&C’s experienced in-house engineering staff understands the electrical design requirements of solar plants. Our strong utility relationships help ensure the success of your project.

S&C’s Power Systems Solutions team utilizes a comprehensive approach to managing your project, ensuring fulfillment of your objectives for quality, efficiency, budget, and on-time completion.

S&C can build the substation to step up collection system voltage to the transmission system level, with switching and protection provided by a Circuit-Switcher. Our compact, easy-to-install System VI™ Switchgear offers significant savings over breaker gear.

S&C’s PureWave® DSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator allows solar plant developers and owners to meet interconnect low-voltage ride-through and power-factor requirements. Our PureWave® SMS Storage Management System offers megawatt-hours of energy storage for solar plants, permitting this power to be dispatched when it’s needed.

And S&C’s SpeedNet™ Radios offer intelligent communication between your solar collectors and transceivers.

S&C’s dedicated field services team can provide inspection and maintenance programs for your equipment, ensuring continued reliable operation of your solar plant.