Solutions for a Greener Grid

Solutions for a Greener Grid

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Long before “green” became a household term and companies started issuing sustainability reports proclaiming how “responsible” they are . . . as citizens, employers, and neighbors, S&C has demonstrated that responsibility. Since its founding in 1911, S&C’s sense of involvement has extended well beyond the organization itself. S&C prides itself in conducting business ethically, in a manner that’s good for people and the planet.

The challenge of creating and producing reliable products that perform dependably over decades of reliable service has become even more daunting as customers demand products that will not only help them remain competitive, but responsive to environmental issues as well. S&C’s products are known for their long service life under the most demanding conditions . . . and the longer a product lasts, the fewer resources are needed to produce replacement equipment. But S&C’s products and services are making a difference to the environment in other ways too.

And S&C understands  the need to reduce its own environmental footprint too. S&C strives to be a caring supporter of the city of Chicago, and a good neighbor in the residential community of Rogers Park. That attitude prevails at S&C’s other operations around the world.

S&C's Corporate Responsibility Report provides a complete description of how S&C’s products and services making the difference in the environment. For more on S&C’s environmental objectives and initiatives, see the following: