IntelliTeam® Automatic Restoration System Hands-On Workshop

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14 Professional Development Hours


S&C’s three-day IntelliTeam® Workshop provides attendees with valuable, in-depth information and unique hands-on experience in the design, user interaction, operation, and troubleshooting of S&C’s IntelliTeam® Automatic Restoration System.

Attendees will understand the sequence of operations in IntelliTeam® II Automatic Restoration Systems and IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration Systems with Rapid Self-Healing. They will familiarize themselves with the S&C’s switching and protection equipment that can be integrated with the IntelliTeam® Automatic Restoration Systems and discuss the ability to integrate third-party devices using IntelliNode™ Interface Modules, configure a system using IntelliLink® Setup Software and IntelliTeam® Designer, and then connect to devices and push the restoration settings. They will also be able to discuss optional settings for systems with capacity constraints, including contracts. In addition, they will practice troubleshooting and event analysis from live events performed in S&C’s Product Demonstration Center (in Chicago) or the IntelliLab.

The workshop’s primary emphasis is on S&C IntelliTeam® as a foundation for the logic of IntelliTeam® devices such as IntelliRupter®, IntelliNode®, and 6800 series switch controls. Attendees wishing to learn more specific products should consider attending individualized product courses. Organizations interested in detailed training and application for their particular systems should contact S&C to discuss customized training programs.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion for fourteen hours of classroom participation. Attendees wishing to earn credit for Professional Development Hours (PDH) are responsible for reviewing the requirements set forth by the state board(s) where they are licensed to confirm eligibility and for reporting the hours.

Who Should Attend?

Distribution Engineers, System Operators, System Planners, Field Engineers, Consulting Engineers, and others participating in this workshop will gain a deeper understanding of IntelliTeam® logic, rules, and design. Individuals involved in all aspects of power system distribution networks, such as construction, operation, planning, maintenance, and engineering, should attend.


Instructors for this workshop are S&C Automation Solutions Engineers who design, test, implement, and troubleshoot IntelliTeam® systems daily.

Workshop Schedule

S&C Locations Dates Event Link
Toronto, ON July 18-20, 2023 Register Now

Attendees will receive an e-mail before the start of the workshop that will provide more details. The registration fee for this workshop is $1,850 USD per attendee.


Registration is now open and will close two weeks before the start of each workshop.