S&C’s Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect, including the DS-1 motor operator, was discontinued in 2016. For product support, contact your nearest S&C Sales Office.

S&C’s Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect was a three-pole, group-operated, visible-air-gap isolation in distribution substations. The Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect could be used to interrupt low-level charging currents associated with substation buswork and circuit-breaker bushings, as well as other low-voltage currents commonly present in substations.

The Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect was available in ratings from 69 through 138 kV, in 1200-, 1600-, and 2000-ampere versions. Side-break, vertical-break, center-break, and double-break styles were furnished, to suit almost any substation layout. All were designed for upright mounting and S&C mounting pedestals were available.