Aspiring to be 99% Landfill Free

In 2018, S&C set the goal to divert 99% of waste generated by our global operations from landfills. This ambitious goal requires substantial planning, involvement, and dedication from team members across every functional area of our business. As of the end of 2021, S&C is diverting 98.4% of our global waste from landfills.

Our preferred method of landfill diversion is stemming it at the source by avoiding waste generation through investment in reusable materials. When this is not possible, we find methods to recycle our waste or convert it to energy rather than send it to landfills. Team members are fully engaged in the process. Some of the most notable improvements come directly from team member submissions, showing how sustainability and environmental stewardship are ingrained in S&C’s culture of continuous improvement.

In early 2023, S&C was recognized by the Illinois Food Scrap and Composting Coalition as a Gold-Level partner in the We Compost Recognition Program because of our efforts to divert food waste from landfills. 

We recently identified a third-party auditor to provide formal certification of our waste-diversion efforts, which will require a multi-year planning effort beginning in 2023. With our goal within reach, S&C will continue pushing for waste management and diversion improvements to reach a 99% landfill-diversion rate globally and achieve certification as a landfill-free company.


S&C Electric Company

Publication Date

May 2, 2023