This Quarter's Trend: No Trend

As countries around the world and states in the U.S. develop policy and regulation to modernize the electricity system, the one clear trend is the lack of action uniformity. It appears local policymakers are focusing strongly on the perceived local needs for the electricity sector. This makes sense because different areas are experiencing different drivers. In the U.S., Louisiana dealt with resilience challenges from Hurricane Ida while California dealt with drought threatening to spark new wildfires while also shutting down hydropower plants. China, meanwhile, dealt with increasing demand outstripping supply. While we see things such as encouraging renewables, energy storage, and transportation electrification across the board, the areas of real progress feel highly specific to the locality. If there were one trend across all actions we are seeing today, it is a willingness to change. Everywhere we look there seems to be an acknowledgement the energy world is changing, and electricity policies and regulations must be updated, targeted, and clarified to help the industry keep up.

United States

Negotiations are still underway on Capitol Hill around the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed in Senate in August and is awaiting...

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The Australian Energy Regulator has published two reports that provide insight into the performance of the energy sector in the Australian National Energy Market in 2020...

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The Ontario Energy Board, which regulates Ontario’s natural gas and electricity utilities, has published the 2020 Yearbook for electricity distributors...

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Strained energy system creating challenges for manufacturing

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Regulator announces outage-performance findings—In February, New Zealand’s competition, consumer, and regulatory agency announced its decisions with...

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United Kingdom

Large energy price rises in the UK – During September and October 2021, the UK has been experiencing a sharp rise in energy prices and has seen 12 energy retailer bankruptcies...

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