S&C Donates Supplies to Misericordia

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“S&C has always checked in on us, even before COVID-19,” says Julie O’Sullivan, Director of Creative Arts & Marketing Manager for Misericordia Heart of Mercy.  “It was no surprise that they would do so now, knowing we’d be in need of supplies.”

Several S&C volunteers pulled together a care package for Misericordia, which included 300 cloth face covers, 110 face shields, several gallons of hand sanitizer, and disinfectant.

All these donations are being used directly by Misericordia staff and residents.  With the help of S&C’s contributions, every caregiver and staff member have at least two face covers, and the hand sanitizer has been placed in common entrances and residential areas so it’s easy to access.

Jomar Ezpeleta, Process Chemist at S&C, was the mastermind behind the hand sanitizer.  “Ever since I started working at S&C, I was always active in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  Four or five years ago, I did a demo on how to make hand sanitizer.  It must have been memorable because I was approached this year about making some for S&C—and some other coworkers have mentioned their kids have made it at home since COVID-19 started!”

The formula is approved by the World Health Organization and is a concoction of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and lavender oil or other essential oils.  “The essential oil is really important, otherwise it smells like dirty socks,” laughs Jomar.  “I never thought a demo from Kids’ Day could become so important, but I’m glad there’s a way I can help and contribute to S&C’s ideals.  That’s one of the first things I noticed about S&C when I started working here 13 years ago—how they support the community.”

Misericordia has also recognized S&C’s support of the community and is grateful for all the donations.  “We’re using everything, and this will help us maintain the health and safety of our staff and residents,” says Julie.  “We will be needing these supplies for a while, so it’s very comforting to know we have S&C just down the street.  We are truly neighbors helping neighbors.”

S&C employee in front of donated supplies
S&C donated supplies
Misericordia Heart of Mercy employees with donated supplies


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Publication Date

May 15, 2020