Update on S&C Canada Staying Open During COVID-19

As other companies began shutting their doors and sending people home, many of you may be wondering why we are still operating. Please find S&C’s Mission Message here. Copies of this letter will be posted around S&C Canada shortly. It is our intention to keep operating S&C Canada unless we are shutdown by Government decree.

So far, every “shelter in place” order in the United States has exempted organizations that serve “Critical Infrastructure” either directly, or, as a key supplier. The S&C Electric Company, headquartered in Chicago, maintain that since we support energy infrastructure, S&C falls into that category and for now, we will continue operating all US locations, including S&C Chicago. Subsequently, S&C Canada will continue to remain open as we research clarity on Canada’s definition of “Essential Critical Infrastructure”.

At the moment, the S&C Canada leadership team has asked all team members who can work from home to do so and this has gone extremely well. Most of our sales, engineering, marketing, finance and accounting team members are able to accommodate working from home and come in when necessary.

For those who can only work at 90 Belfield Rd., Canadian leadership will continue to monitor working conditions and will provide you with necessary tools to work safely. We will continue to provide you with cleaning supplies and urge you to wipe down regularly contacted surfaces frequently. I also urge that all team members should practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet (2 metres) apart from fellow team members.

Please be patient with us as we continue to monitor the situation.

Angelo Gravina

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Angelo Gravina

Publication Date

March 20, 2020