Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is the Senior Vice President for International Business at S&C Electric Company. He previously was the Managing Director for the S&C Europe Middle East and Africa Business Unit based in the United Kingdom. Andrew holds an MBA from Sheffield University and a degree in mechanical engineering from Swansea, UK. He is a member the Institute of Quality Assurance UK. Mr. Jones always has worked in the electrical industry. He started with Alcan and went on to Mosdorfer CCL systems before joining S&C in 2004. The majority of this time was spent in international business. Andrew has served on numerous bodies that include IEC Technical Standards, the British Electro Technical Manufacturers Association in the UK, Renewable UK, the European Wind Association, Energy Storage Network, and the European Association for Storage of Energy. Through these trade associations, he served as an advisor to government in the UK and most recently was the chair of the European Working Group for the Market Design for Energy Storage. Andrew is a member of the UK Institute of Directors.

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Expert: Andrew Jones

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