Weathering the Storm: Resiliency in the Face of COVID-19

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COVID-19 Floor

At the front of everyone’s mind throughout the COVID-19 crisis is how to safely navigate this challenging time. Keeping safety first is nothing new to our industry, and we’re used to coming together in challenging moments, such as storm season every year. This pandemic is a type of storm we’ve never faced, but we will approach it together, the same way S&C always has, and prove our resilience even in these unprecedented times.

In the short time I’ve been with S&C, the commitment and professionalism I’ve seen is in a category unto itself. It is employee ownership at its best. Our team members have rallied around our mission and caring for each other with urgency, focus, and dedication. We’ve strategized plans and defined teams and objectives—empowering us to act as one team and respond quickly. We all recognize the part we play in helping our customers keep their critical infrastructure operating, especially when it’s needed most.

Our customers are supporting the most vulnerable areas being impacted by this pandemic: healthcare facilities, medical labs, first responders, food and water suppliers, and an ongoing list of much-needed services. We are essential to helping keep their lights on, and day in and day out our team is stepping up to make sure we are there to support them.

As with any preparedness plan, we have put measures in place for the safety of our team members and for our ability to continue supporting our customers. At our locations throughout the world, we have implemented enhanced health and safety precautions, including increased sanitation, minimized interpersonal contact, and creation of independent work teams. We’ve made strategic changes for our production areas, such as separating work stations, rotating workforce schedules to support social distancing, providing additional PPE, and checking everyone’s temperature before coming onsite. This keeps production going while keeping our team members’ safety a top priority.

We are maintaining open lines of communication with our team members and our customers, and we are focused on continuing to support them through this pandemic and the storm season already upon us. We are used to helping our customers through the worst hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, and we will continue to help them weather this unprecedented situation.

In S&C’s 109-year history, I will be only the fifth president and CEO. It’s a humbling position, and I am honored at the opportunity. My predecessors built the foundation of S&C on one simple principle: people matter. I hold the same to be true—for our people, our customers, and those who rely on us. We have always pushed to improve power reliability and resiliency—a mission all the more important in moments like these. In these turbulent times, we must remember storms do not last forever, and by continuing to work together as a team and alongside our customers, we will all get through this.


Anders Sjoelin

Data de Publicação

abril 15, 2020