S&C’s ‘2016 Sustainability Report’

S&C Electric Company is pleased to release its “2016 Sustainability Report.” The report is packed with trend data and details on S&C’s corporate and global “green” initiatives; conservation activities; annual electricity, natural gas, and water use; team member safety initiatives; and notable projects that support our communities.

As a global provider of reliability solutions for the electric grid, S&C demonstrates a commitment to sustainability through products and services that help integrate renewable generation into the grid. But we also pay close attention to how we manufacture our products. Today, for example, 93% of our waste never makes it to a landfill. Moreover, 100% of the power S&C uses comes from new renewable resources.

Click here to download S&C’s “2016 Sustainability Report” to learn more about what S&C doing to protect the Earth and our team members, and to support our local communities.


S&C 电力公司


四月 21, 2017