A Message from S&C’s New President & CEO

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As I start my role as the President & CEO of S&C Electric Company, it’s exciting to join a fantastic team and take the helm of a great company that’s built its 109-year reputation on a culture of innovation and pioneering presence in the market.  At the same time, it’s humbling.  I’m only the fifth CEO of S&C, and as I reflect on those who have come before me and how their accomplishments have built the foundation and culture of our company, these values are so important in a time like this when we’re facing the challenging situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When I accepted my position at S&C, I did not envision I would step into my new role in the midst of a global pandemic.  And yet, challenging times can end up revealing the best in people and organizations.  I have witnessed this more times than I can count this past month with S&C’s team members across the world.  While I had always respected S&C’s innovative culture, there’s no way to truly appreciate the people behind the technology until you meet them.

As I’ve engaged with the team members over the past weeks, either over video conferencing or walking around in our facilities (keeping social distance, of course), I am inspired by the passion of our team members and their dedication to S&C and to our customers.  Our leadership has relentlessly focused on safety and caring for their team members, and we’ve been able to find ways to give back to our communities through contributing to local charities, donating safety supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer, or using our 3D printers to make face covers to support first responders.  Team members are the heart of our employee-owned company, and they are what keep us going in these unprecedented times.

As an essential business, our products and solutions are integral to the critical infrastructure of the power grid.  We support electrical networks around the world and other critical services needed most during COVID-19, including hospitals, communication infrastructure, and homes at the edge of the grid—many of which have now turned into schools and home offices.  As we adapt to changes in our everyday lives and rely even more on power to stay connected during this time of separation, this situation makes it even more important that S&C and our stakeholders act together as one team to manage through this pandemic.

Throughout this crisis, S&C will stay focused on three key priorities:

  1. Keep safety first and deliver on our commitment to look out and care for our team members.
  2. Secure and manage S&C business through the COVID-19 pandemic with continued engagement and transparent communication to our team members, customers, and other key stakeholders.
  3. Maintain focus beyond COVID-19 and stay committed to our long-term vision and strategy, including investing in our team members, product development, and growth initiatives.

Finally, I would like to thank Kyle Seymour for his leadership and dedication to S&C during his tenure as President and CEO, and for leaving a strong foundation to lean on during this COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, Kyle.


五月 4, 2020