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TripSaver® Cutout-Mounted Recloser

TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser

S&C’s TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser a self-powered, electronically controlled single-phase recloser using vacuum fault interrupter technology, offered in system class voltage ratings of 15-kV and 25-kV. Ideally suited for lateral circuits that frequently experience momentary fault interruptions, this Smart Grid solution eliminates the permanent outages which can result when lateral fuses operate in response to these transient faults. It also eliminates the momentary interruptions on feeders in instances where the substation breaker is tripped to save the lateral fuse during a transient fault.

Our latest offering, TripSaver II Service Center Configurability feature, provides customers with flexibility to reconfigure their devices and read event logs using S&C IntelliLink TS-II Setup Software. Over one hundred Time Current Characteristic curves are available for selection.

Chicago Innovative Award Winner


The cost-effective way to improve reliability on lateral circuits

  • Cuts sustained service interruptions from transient faults – improves SAIFI and SAIDI performance, saves time and money
  • Cuts number of momentary interruptions at the feeder – improves MAIFI performance
  • Retrofittable in existing “-R10” or “-R11” S&C or MacLean Type XS Fuse Cutout mountings –installation is quick
  • Supports up to three reclosing operations before it drops open – provides visible open gap
  • Low minimum pickup current at 5A
  • A wide variety of time-current characteristic (TCC) curves are available – provides excellent coordination with other devices
  • Line-powered microprocessor control – no batteries needed
  • Inrush restrain feature always on – device will not nuisance trip on inrush when closed into the mounting
  • LCD screens displays real-time device status – information scrolling activated by cycling mode-selector lever; six languages supported
  • Overload interruption capability – device will drop open on overload condition
  • Ice-breaking capability – device is able to break ¾" (20mm) of ice
  • Sectionalizing mode standard on all models – allows a device to operate as a sectionalizer over a user-specified range of fault currents
  • Service Center configurable – provides flexibility to reconfigure operating sequence; software also allows easy event logs reading

TripSaver II supports up to three reclosing operations (four tripping operations in total) before it drops open, with a user-configurable open time interval in the range of 0.5 seconds to 5 seconds. The interrupter resets two seconds after drop-open, ready for the next operation. TripSaver II reverts to its first TCC curve after the user-specified sequence reset time has elapsed since the last reclosing operation.


kV Amperes, RMS
System Class Nom. Max BIL Continuous Interrupting, Sym
15 15 15.5 110 100 4 000
6 300
25 25 29 125 100 4 000
6 300
150 100 4 000
6 300

 Minimum trip current is 5 amperes.
 These models can be applied to protect single-phase-to-neutral circuits only in solidly-grounded-to-neutral (multi-grounded-to-neutral) 34.5-kV systems where leakage distance to ground meets user’s requirement. These models use 25-kV 150-kV BIL mounting.


As shown in the following table, TripSaver II offers a number of advantages over traditional lateral protection devices.

Comparison of Lateral Protective Devices
Feature/Benefit Single-Phase
Hydraulic Recloser
Electronic Sectionalizer
TripSaver II
Easy to install   Yes Yes
Low initial price   Yes Yes
Low installation cost   Yes Yes
Fault-interrupting capability Yes   Yes
Easy to reset Yes   Yes
Electronic control   Yes Yes
No bypass switch required   Yes Yes
Light weight compared to oil reclosers   Yes Yes
No battery backup required   Yes Yes
Fits in cutout mounting   Yes Yes
No momentary outage on the main feeder for lateral faults Yes   Yes



Catalog No. 990111 or 990211
Rated: 15 kV (nom.),
110 kV BIL, 4 kA or 6.3 kA


Catalog No. 990122 or 990222
Rated: 25 kV (nom.),
125 kV BIL, 4 kA or 6.3 kA


Catalog No. 990132 or 990232
Rated: 25 kV (nom.),
150 kV BIL, 4 kA or 6.3 kA


Catalog No. 993131-E or 993231-E
Rated: 15 kV (nom.),
150 kV BIL, 4 kA or 6.3 kA



User Interface

Mode Selector

Springs help guide the mode selector lever to the desired position; alignment of colored labels provides visual guidance.

Mode Selector in Auto Mode Position

screen and mode selector

Mode Selector in Non-Reclose Position

screen and mode selector

LCD Screen

Twenty different LCD screen items are available for selection, providing useful information to linemen. Information scrolling is activated by cycling mode-selector lever. Three examples are shown below.

Status screens

Service Center Configuration Kit

Portable configuration kit includes a universal power supply to power up TripSaver II, and a USB Transceiver for a computer to communicate with the device.

Configuration Kit

S&C IntelliLink TS-II Setup Software

Intuitive Graphic-User-Interface makes the configuration process quick, easy and enjoyable. Software also allows users to view status related information, read event logs, and perform functional tests.

Set-Up Kit