S&C’s 2012-2013 Sustainability Report

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S&C has demonstrated excellence in environmental stewardship for more than a century, long before “green” became a universal goal and a household term. We’ve always taken pride in conducting our business ethically and responsibly, in a manner that’s beneficial for our fellow citizens and the planet. From using safe and environmentally sound manufacturing practices to helping integrate renewable energy resources into the electric power grid, our actions consistently reflect our commitment to sustainability.

The 2012–2013 S&C Sustainability Report is now available. The report includes discussions of S&C’s environmental, energy, and safety performance, as well as the products and services that we provide to customers to assist them with their sustainability goals… and the programs and charities we support to grow our industry and community. You can read the report online.

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Close to Home: Addressing the Energy Challenge Within the Community

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According to a new report from the Global Sustainability Institute, the UK only has five more years of fossil fuel resources, which could lead to much greater dependence on Norway, Qatar and Russia for energy. The message then – to develop home-grown energy – has never been clearer. Yet, this report comes at a time when the National Grid is struggling to cope under the pressure of new renewable implementation. To resolve the dilemma, community energy-based micro-grids provide answers that benefit the existing grid infrastructure and the local communities that use them, while helping the UK meet its renewable targets.

S&C’s Andrew Jones provides a discussion on this topic in a recent article in PV-Tech Storage. The complete article is available online.

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IEEE Viewpoint Article: Microgrids Help More Than They Hurt

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In a recent issue of IEEE’s Electrification Magazine, S&C’s David Chiesa and Spencer Zirkelbach were asked to share their view on Microgrids.  The article discusses what constitutes a microgrid, the value microgrids provide both customers and utilities, and some tools used in developing the business case for a microgrid.  We encourage you to read the full article here.

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Green States Energy Awards S&C Contract to Connect 3.6-MW Solar Project to Massachusetts Grid

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CHICAGO, July 7, 2014 – S&C Electric Company, a global leader in renewable energy integration, today announces an $11 million USD project with Green States Energy to design and build a 3.6 MW solar photovoltaic farm in Devens, Mass. This project will be the third plant built by S&C for GSE and will leverage a standardized electrical system design to connect the plant to the grid.

The interconnection substation includes an integrated switching and control solution based on S&C’s field-proven System VI™ Switchgear. The complete solution eliminates the need for a separate control house in the substation and associated civil works, and use of standardized designs will also reduce engineering and installation costs for the substation. Continue reading

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24/7 Remote Monitoring of Micro-AT® Source Transfer Control

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S&C recently announced their ability to remotely monitor their Micro-AT Source-Transfer Controls via their Global Support and Monitoring Center. You can now watch a video to learn more about this service, which helps customers assure reliable electrical service to their critical loads. It’s available on S&C’s YouTube channel.

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DoD Power & Energy Magazine: Striving for Certainty

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How is the U.S. Department of Defense using the concept of microgrids to rethink the way they produce and consume power? S&C’s David Chiesa talks about this topic in his recent article published in DoD Power & Energy Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. The article discusses how the DoD’s is taking steps to improve their power surety and security at military installations. You can read the full article here.

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