S&C Starts Shipping IntelliCap 2000 Capacitor Controls

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S&C Electric Company is excited to announce it has begun shipping its new IntelliCap® 2000 Automatic Capacitor Controls.

Building on the success of S&C’s IntelliCap and IntelliCap Plus Automatic Capacitor Controls, IntelliCap 2000 Controls offer additional customer-driven functionality. This includes such new features as an Ethernet communication port, high-accuracy voltage and current inputs, flexible DNP point mapping, remote firmware upgrades, increased memory and processing capabilities, in-depth harmonic reporting, digital inputs for switch-operator position, and user-defined digital input. Optional features include door-position indication to provide an intrusion alarm, GPS for 1-millisecond accurate time-stamping, and Wi-Fi for local configuration. Continue reading

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S&C’s TripSaver II to Reduce Momentary Outages for FPL

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Deployment Brings Increased Grid Reliability and New Jobs to the State of Florida

CHICAGO, October 28, 2014 – S&C Electric Company, a smart grid leader shaping the future of power delivery, today announces an agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL) for S&C’s TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Reclosers to be installed throughout the utility’s system to reduce momentary outages for its 4.7 million customers. As part of its commitment to Florida, S&C will make a $3 million investment to expand its operations in the state by creating a new manufacturing facility for the TripSaver II. This new manufacturing facility and the deployment of the TripSaver II is estimated to bring 170 new jobs to the state of Florida.

Florida experiences more thunderstorms and lightning strikes than any other state in the United States, and these storms often cause faults on the electric grid. A majority of these faults are temporary in nature, but can still cause protective equipment to operate, resulting in outages for customers. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that these temporary, or momentary, outages cost electricity users across the nation billions of dollars each year. Continue reading

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S&C Energy Storage Solutions to Improve Power Reliability and Efficiency in Rural Australia

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Ergon Energy will use storage for peak shaving and voltage support in remote areas

CHICAGO, September 21, 2014 – S&C Electric Company, a smart grid leader shaping the future of power delivery, today announces it was awarded a contract by Ergon Energy, an Australian utility, to provide 20 S&C PureWave® Community Energy Storage Systems for the utility’s Grid Utility Support Systems (GUSS). The storage systems will be used to improve the power reliability and efficiency on constrained single-wire high-voltage distribution lines, commonly known as single wire earth return (SWER) lines. Ergon Energy will also be using S&C’s IntelliTeam® DEM Distributed Energy Management System to optimize and control the fleet of CES units throughout their SWER network.

“This is a first for Ergon and Australia,” says Ergon Chief Executive Ian McLeod. “Using a battery-based system in place of traditional network augmentation will not only deliver better value for Ergon and our customers, but it will help drive similar technology adoption on the electricity network.” Continue reading

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S&C Energy Storage System to Provide Grid Support for PJM

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Solution demonstrates new revenue streams for continued energy storage investments

CHICAGO, October 20, 2014 – S&C Electric Company, a global leader in energy storage integration, announces the deployment of six 25-kW PureWave® Community Energy Storage systems at its global headquarters in Chicago. The 150-kW energy storage system provides fast-response frequency regulation for the PJM market, the world’s largest competitive wholesale electricity market serving over 61 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Ancillary grid services, such as frequency regulation, are crucial for maintaining the stability and reliability of the power system. Frequency regulation is used to minimize the mismatch between generation and loads by quickly adjusting generation output to maintain the grid’s ideal frequency – 60 Hz in parts of the world and 50 Hz in others. Historically, fossil-fuel fired generating plants have provided a majority of such services, but response times often exceeded 20 minutes. In 2011, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Order 755, which mandated higher rates for fast-responding frequency regulation sources. Continue reading

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Introducing the New 6801M Automatic Switch Operator

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6801M Automatic Switch OperatorWith S&C’s new 6801M Automatic Switch Operator, upgrading your manually operated overhead three-phase switches and disconnects to achieve remote supervisory control is simple and affordable. The 6801M can be applied with S&C overhead distribution switches, as well as a variety of other manufacturers’ devices. The 6801M includes an integrated control that allows the switch to operate as part of a self-healing S&C IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System. An IntelliTeam SG System can greatly improve the reliability of your distribution network.

Unlike simple motor-driven operators, the 6801M monitors the entire open-close cycle of the switch or disconnect, and can automatically take corrective action in the event of stuck, frozen, or welded contacts, or incomplete operation.

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S&C Named As Part of the Innovative Team Awarded Department of Energy Grant for Chicago Microgrid Project

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S&C Electric Company has been named as part of the innovative team being led by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) to develop a master microgrid controller. The project is being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of an $8 million investment in microgrid projects focused on helping cities and towns better prepare for extreme weather events and improve grid resiliency.

Microgrids are localized power systems with the ability to generate their own power and operate independently, or in concert with, the main grid to meet the energy needs of the loads they support. The $1.2 million grant awarded to ComEd will be used to develop a microgrid controller capable of controlling a system of two or more interconnected microgrids. The loads supported by this project includes a diverse mix of facilities and critical loads, including police and fire department headquarters, major transportation infrastructure, healthcare facilities for seniors, and private residences. Continue reading

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