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Solutions for Data Centers


Data CenterS&C can furnish a broad range of medium-voltage switching, protection, control, and power quality products – and associated services – that will ensure the continuity of electrical service to your data center.

S&C introduced medium-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear to the industry over 60 years ago and today offers the most comprehensive selection available from any manufacturer, including Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear, Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, System VI™ Switchgear, and PMX™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear. There’s an answer for every data center switching and protection need:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Live front or dead front
  • Manual, source-transfer, or remote supervisory
  • Conventional power fuses or sophisticated micro-processor-controlled fault interrupters.

Voltage sags, surges, transients, and momentary disruptions on the utility sources can cause significant problems to normal data center operations. But conventional low-voltage UPSs – the traditional approach to data center power protection – are no longer appropriate. In view of today’s high energy costs and increasing density of servers and other components, it’s essential that data centers significantly limit their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency. S&C offers power quality solutions that address these imperatives. The PureWave® UPS System and PureWave® UPS XT System — with their multi-megawatt capacities and high efficiencies — are ideal for the application.

S&C’s team of experts can work with you from the earliest stages of project conception to identify the optimal electrical system for your data center, then design, install, and commission it. If necessary, we can work with your local electric utility to modify an existing substation to serve your data center. Or we can engineer, procure, and construct a new one. We can monitor and maintain the substation too.



Medium-Voltage Switchgear

S&C’s medium-voltage switchgear products are well suited for data center applications.

Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear

Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear solves difficult switching and protection problems through 38 kV. Vista Switchgear features 600-ampere load-interrupter switches and resettable fault interrupters — all enclosed in a hermetically sealed, SF6-insulated tank for superior performance in the most challenging environments. Innovative features simplify operations, enhance safety, and minimize outage duration.

Vista Switchgear is available in manual, source-transfer, and remote supervisory versions, for pad-mounted, vault, and subsurface applications. A wide variety of circuit configurations and options can be furnished too.

Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

S&C Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear — incorporating interrupter switches and power fuses in rugged enclosures featuring welded construction — is tailored to meet your specific distribution system needs. Available in ratings of through 38 kV, S&C Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear is ideal for applications having unique requirements beyond the scope of S&C’s pre-engineered switchgear.

PMX™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

PMX Switchgear, available through 27 kV, combines the solid features of S&C Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear with the size and economic benefits of S&C Pad-Mounted Gear. The pre-engineered modules are designed for easy assembly into switchgear lineups to suit a variety of applications. Switching for both entrance and feeder modules is handled by rugged S&C Mini-Rupter® Switches, offering up to 600 amperes full-load dropping and 25,000 amperes duty-cycle fault-closing.

System VI™ Switchgear

System VI Switchgear, available through 38 kV, features a modular arrangement of Vista Switchgear sections. Using air-insulated bushings on one or both sides of the SF6-insulated tank, multiple sections are joined together with air-insulated transition bays, which can be furnished with metering transformers and other equipment.



PureWave® UPS — the Ideal Solution for Data Centers

PureWave® UPS Systems provides the high-quality, uninterruptible power that data centers need.

For Tier IV 2N systems, S&C’s solution can achieve six 9s availability for your mission-critical facility. PureWave UPS System — available in medium-voltage ratings from 4.16 kV to 25 kV — provides facility-wide backup power for any specified length of time.

The Proven, Most Cost-Effective UPS Solution

The PureWave UPS System is a self-contained, modular, uninterruptible power supply system that can be applied indoors or outdoors. It utilizes maintenance-free batteries.

Featuring field-hardened power electronics technology, the PureWave UPS System provides 60 seconds of protection at full load and up to 180 seconds of protection for reduced loads — eliminating 99% of all power quality problems. Additionally, the PureWave UPS System can be applied with a backup generator, assuring seamless service through extended outages.

The PureWave UPS System has been applied around the world to protect mission-critical facilities including:

  • Data and call centers
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Financial operations
  • Communications network centers
  • Continuous process industries
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Semiconductor fabricators
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Other manufacturing facilities

For applications that require battery run times in excess of one minute, S&C offers an extended-run-time version of the system: the PureWave® UPS XT System.

This table summarizes key feature and rating differences between the PureWave UPS System and the PureWave UPS XT System:

PureWave UPS System vs. PureWave UPS XT System
Feature / Rating PureWave UPS System PureWave UPS XT System
Run Time at Full Load 1 minute Up to 30 minutes
Module Rating 250 kW / 313 kVA 1000 kW / 1250 kVA
Modules / Container 8 2
Container Rating 2 MW / 2.5 MVA 2 MW / 2.5 MVA
Number of Containers / System 8 10
System Rating 16 MW / 20 MVA 20 MW / 25 MVA

Higher Efficiency

The relatively low efficiency of dual-conversion on-line UPSs, operated at low utilization factors, creates low overall system efficiencies and high power consumption. The power used for cooling these UPSs contributes to total power consumption too.

PureWave UPS System features a fast-acting static switch design that provides higher efficiencies than conventional on-line UPSs. PureWave UPS System includes the patented PureWave Utility Disturbance Monitor. This field-proven system allows the PureWave UPS System to sense utility voltage deviations at the industry’s fastest rate, while meeting the demanding IEC/EN 62040-3 Class 1 rating for “fast transfer” to battery power.

Other Critical Loads Must Be Addressed

The air conditioners and chillers required to maintain optimal temperature in the data center are now considered critical loads. Some process equipment and business services in the facility may be designated critical loads as well. Additional UPS capacity must be dedicated to protecting these loads. For conventional on-line UPSs, this means that additional interior space — a limited resource — must be dedicated to house both the equipment and their battery banks.

But with PureWave UPS System, all the equipment — including the batteries — can be installed outdoors. No valuable interior, air-conditioned floor space is required.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Reducing a data center's total cost of ownership — its TCO — is an increasingly important goal. Some sources estimate TCO to be as much as four to five times equipment purchase cost . . . with the annual cost of electricity consumption fast approaching the cost of the equipment.

The energy-reduction and efficiency-improvement criteria mandated by Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED®) and other organizations are forcing changes to traditional data center design. The PureWave UPS System is especially well suited to these changes.

Its ongoing operating costs are far less than conventional low-voltage UPS systems.

And the medium-voltage design of the PureWave UPS System greatly reduces the cost of distributing power throughout the facility. Far less copper conductor is required, compared to conventional low-voltage UPS designs.





Your new data center may require changes to an existing substation to upgrade a relay control panel, or to add switchgear feeder bays or a capacitor bank. Or it may require construction of an entirely new substation.

Whether your substation project is “brown field” or “green field,” S&C has the expertise to implement it . . . all the way from concept through construction. We can manage all aspects of the project, including preliminary engineering, permitting, design, construction, testing, and commissioning. We’ll make sure your project meets cost and scheduling requirements.

S&C regularly works with all the major electric utilities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and is familiar with their practices. You can take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and relationships to implement your data center power supply challenges in a most efficient manner.

S&C can engineer, procure, and construct your substation in far less time and cost than a utility company.

Unlike many utilities, S&C maintains a large staff of design engineers. We’ll be able to expedite your project . . . and thus save you money. Here are some the substation services that S&C can provide on an engineer, procure, and construct (EPC) basis:

Upon completion of your substation project, S&C can also provide a full range of ongoing services to assure its continuing excellent performance. Here are just a few of these services:



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