Vista® UDS Case Studies

Case Study 680-1000 [English, 148 KB, 11/22/2004]
Medical Center Chooses Vista Gear for Electrical System Upgrade
Case Study 681-1000 [English, 1 MB, 6/29/1998]
Superior Coordination with Electronically Controlled Fault Protection
Case Study 681-1001 [English, 982 KB, 10/19/1998]
Advanced Fault Protection Improves Reliability
Case Study 681-1002 [English, 70 KB, 4/9/2001]
Vista UDS Disguises Its True Identity
Case Study 681-1003 [English, 63 KB, 6/10/2002]
"Vista UDS Lets the Navy 'Deep-Six' Outmoded Switchgear"
Case Study 681-1004 [English, 577 KB, 9/15/2008]
Manhole Style S&C Vista UDS . . . Just What the Doctor Ordered
Case Study 681-1005 [English, 65 KB, 4/7/2003]
S&C Vista UDS Gets Drafted Into Service
Case Study 681-1006 [English, 127 KB, 5/10/2004]
UnderCover Style Vista Enhances Aesthetics of Downtown Area
Case Study 681-1007 [English, 93 KB, 5/10/2004]
S&C Vista UDS Minimizes Outage Time for a Switchgear Retrofit
Case Study 681-1008 [English, 2 MB, 9/7/2004]
Kibbutz chooses Vista switchgear over traditional gear
Case Study 681-1009 [English, 150 KB, 3/7/2005]
Wind Turbine Manufacturer Turns to S&C for Special Vista Switchgear
Case Study 682-1000 [English, 255 KB, 12/10/2001]
Remote Supervisory Vista UDS solves difficult problem for fast-growing town.
Case Study 682-1001 [English, 638 KB, 5/12/2008]
Remote Supervisory Vista Switchgear for High-Rise Application in Arizona
Case Study 682-1002 [English, 243 KB, 4/6/2009]
Historic Brazilian City Converts to Underground Distribution with S&C's Remote Supervisory Vista Switchgear
Case Study 682-1003 [English, 952 KB, 1/18/2010]
Guadalajara's Most Prestigious Commercial and Residential Project Selects S&C's Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear
Case Study 682-1004 [English, 593 KB, 6/28/2010]
New Government Administrative Center in Brazil Features S&C's Remote Supervisory Vista Switchgear