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Energy Storage Is a Key Ingredient for All Microgrids

Recently I read where microgrids that generate half their power from solar supposedly don’t need energy storage. It might be true that they don’t need energy storage, but any microgrid developer that fails to include it in a photovoltaic (PV) project will miss out on a wide range of significant functional benefits that would help […]

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Three Ways Utilities are Using Energy Storage for T&D Deferral

Each year electric utilities spend billions of dollars upgrading and replacing transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment. Some of this investment is unavoidable, but often these expensive projects can be delayed for years by adding energy storage resources to the system, yielding significant savings. Utilities continue to find profitable ways to deploy energy storage systems across […]

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Removing the Hurdles to Energy Storage Adoption

It seemed no small coincidence that the Energy Storage Association’s 2014 annual conference took place the same week that the U.S. EPA announced new proposed rules to reduce carbon emissions. Energy storage will play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions. Consider some of the ways that energy storage can help: It makes it practical […]

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Barriers to Building a Smart Future

I was recently invited to speak on the topic of energy storage at the Cleantech Investor “Building a Smart Future” conference in London, and a key theme dominating the event was the barriers still in place to building a truly smart future for the UK. The elusive nature of the term “smart grid” was a […]

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