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A Simple ‘Pulse’ Technique to Improve Grid Reliability

In a previous blog item, I discussed the benefits newer technologies are affording to expand feeder segmentation through enhanced communication systems and coordination. However, it is not always possible to deploy the communication infrastructure to support this advanced type of device-to-device coordination because of the speed requirements necessary. It’s particularly problematic, for example, for customers […]

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The Power behind the ‘Smart City’

Set to take place Sept. 15 to 17 in Washington, D.C., Smart Cities Week is fast approaching. As I consider what defines a “Smart City,” it’s a little like our definition of a smart device. As you add computing power and communications to devices or systems within a city’s infrastructure, you can do more things […]

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Grid Connectivity – And What It Means to S&C

Recently, S&C decided to rename our communication systems business. We’re now calling this part of our portfolio “Grid Connectivity” solutions. The question that naturally arises is: why did we make the change? At S&C, our smart grid portfolio is focused on developing solutions for today’s power delivery challenges. Consistent with our history and expertise, we […]

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Managing the Smart Grid

We still have a long way to go in building a truly smart grid in the U.S., but smart grid deployments have increased dramatically in recent years. As deployments have grown, so has the need to develop new tools to manage smart grid technology. Meter data management (MDM) and analytics software have gotten lots of […]

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