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Dan Girard has over 25 years of technical and project management experience working with utilities, large commercial and industrial customers on various engineering solutions consisting of power issues that include design of substations, power feeders, power factor corrections, new building electrical layout, and campus layouts. These have included electric utilities, commercial plants, industrial plants, college campuses, hospitals, wastewater plants, and water treatment facilities. Girard currently is S&C’s Director, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Business Development, and he previously led major projects for S&C’s Power Systems Services, including extensive experience in complex engineer-procure-construct (EPC) solutions. Previous experience includes 15 years as a Senior Area Engineer for Wisconsin Electric, where it was his responsibility to evaluate and resolve all engineering problems in customer owned substations, utility owned substations, utility owned distribution, and distribution automation and any/all aspects of various applications. Girard also worked in the electrical contractor business for four years as Manager of Engineering and Project Management for Electrical Service & Systems.
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The Year in Solar Energy: What We’ve Gained

Solar has become an essential source of new electricity generation in the U.S. During the first half of 2014, solar comprised more than 50% of all new electricity generation capacity, according to reports by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and GTM Research. That number will continue to climb, fueled largely by growth spanning solar-progressive [...]

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The Biggest Topic of Conversation at Windpower 2013

The U.S. federal government’s production tax credits (PTCs) for wind energy were undoubtedly the topic of conversation at Windpower 2013. The unpredictability surrounding the PTCs—from the rules around what investments will qualify for the current PTCs, to questions about whether the PTCs will again be extended—continue to impact the U.S. wind energy in a big [...]

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Maximizing Renewable Energy Plant Investment with Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage solutions offer great benefit for power grids by shaving peak demand and improving power quality and reliability. They can also mitigate the effects of intermittent wind and solar energy generation on power systems. But renewable energy plant owners and operators—who don’t necessarily operate utility power systems—may ask: how can energy storage help improve [...]

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Looking Ahead to Solar Power International 2012

I’m looking forward to the discussions at Solar Power International (SPI) next week in Orlando, Florida. The industry continues to grow, yet it also faces numerous challenges ranging from regulations to financial considerations. SPI will provide a good opportunity to take the industry’s temperature from a range of market participants. Here’s what I expect to [...]

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A Renewable Solution for India

It was around 98°F with 75% humidity in New Delhi when the massive power outages in late July occurred. That is pretty close to the temperature in a typical steam room, so you can imagine how miserable it was as over 600 million people were without electricity to run a fan or power an air [...]

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Two Major Benefits of Renewables (It’s Not Just Reducing GHGs)

Many people believe that renewable energy will only benefit communities by reducing CO2 emissions. While this is certainly true, it is far from the only benefit to its adoption. Some would even argue it is not even the most important. There are two other big major ways in which renewables provide benefits to countries worldwide, [...]

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