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Gary Wetzel is Vice President of U.S. Sales at S&C Electric Company. He has more than 35 years of experience in the electrical industry. Gary has worked with all markets, including projects for utility, major industrial, government, university, data center, hospital, and commercial customers. Gary has led projects for energy storage, UPS systems, medium-voltage distribution systems, and power quality correction for low and medium voltage systems. He has experience applying solutions involving low- and medium-voltage transformers, low- and medium-voltage switchgear, small- and medium-power transfomers, and overhead and underground switching and protection.
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Distribution Automation Is Paying Big Dividends

It was with great satisfaction to read the recent announcement from Florida Power & Light (FPL) that its smart grid investment is paying big dividends both for itself and its nearly 5 million customers. FPL says its development of a “stronger and smarter grid” led to an operational savings of more than $46 million last [...]

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Latest Microgrid Technology Holds Promise for Rural Communities

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced that rural electric cooperatives and small municipal utilities in 15 states will be able to receive loan guarantees to improve generation and transmission facilities, including $10 million for smart grid implementations. These investments will help rural America renew and modernize power grid infrastructure serving America’s smaller communities. Another approach [...]

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Military Renewables: Why More Than Money is at Stake

In 2011, the U.S. Army spent five billion dollars on renewable energies. But why does the Army care so much about renewable energy? The answer is simple: lives and public funds are at stake. In wartime, soldiers risk their lives protecting the convoys that deliver fossil fuels to the frontlines. The Army Environment Policy Institute [...]

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Why Do We Keep Hearing About Microgrids?

Just under 10 years ago, I started hearing people mention the term “Smart Grid.” It mostly revolved around people talking about the installation and adoption of automated metering infrastructure and renewables. Over the years friends and colleagues would ask me, “Why do I keep hearing about the Smart Grid?,” and I would tell them about [...]

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