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Mike Edmonds is the Vice President of the U.S. Business Unit for S&C. In this position, Edmond’s primary responsibility is for business development, operating profit, customer support and sales growth within the U.S. Prior to joining S&C in April 2010 Edmonds was Vice President & General Manager of Siemens USA Energy Automation group, responsible for the real-time solutions business for energy management systems, market systems, substation automation and protection control. Edmonds’ previous roles include VP & GM for PTI, whose products and services serve 130 countries in system planning including early adoption and endorsement of the common information model (CIM).
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The Next Frontier in Power Reliability

After a winter plagued by extremely cold temperatures and numerous storms, frustration about power outages is continuing to grow. We have indeed seen deteriorating power system reliability over the last two decades. At the same time, it seems that we have also grown less tolerant of outages. Major outages of the type that last for [...]

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Microgrids: Threat or Opportunity for Utilities?

Microgrids are not just mere hype. They are indeed gaining traction globally, as more electricity customers—particularly businesses that comprise a large percentage of utility revenues—look for new alternatives to reduce costs and increase reliability. In Germany—which is currently undergoing an expensive program to phase out nuclear electricity generation while also integrating more wind and solar [...]

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Making Renewables Convenient for Consumers

Recently, I was interested to see a survey showing that consumers value clean energy above reliability. Though I firmly believe that clean energy will play an essential role in our energy future, I worry that such survey results confuse the issue on how consumers value reliability. There may be some consumers who do not want [...]

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A Healthier Grid for the New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year, when many of us assess the last year and what changes we should make in the coming months. Many of us adopt resolutions to be healthier—to eat better or exercise more. This year, I’d like to see a healthier power system—and there’s a simple way to get started. [...]

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The Central Power Grid as a Back-Up Power Source

The traditional utility business model faces great upheaval, as I discussed in a recent blog entry. Adoption of distributed generation—and distributed solar generation in particular—threatens to make a significant dent in utility revenues as more customers use onsite generation as their preferred source of electricity. Utilities are considering what role the central power system can, [...]

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How a Smarter Grid Can Help Utilities Respond to an Existential Threat

Doomsday is approaching for electric utilities, according to many prognosticators. Though the term “doomsday” may be a touch strong, there is no doubt that new electricity generation technologies will pose real challenges to the established business models of power utilities in the coming years. The biggest threat, as has been well chronicled in both industry [...]

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