Want to Learn More about Microgrids? Take a Tour

S&C Electric Company recently unveiled one of North America’s most advanced microgrids at Oncor’s System Operating Services Facility near Lancaster, Texas. The electric transmission and distribution company has been kind enough to allow us to host tours of this premier facility, which also is home to Oncor’s Technology Demonstration and Education Center that S&C designed [...]

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How Can We Really Support Grid Modernization?

Last year, President Obama issued a memorandum calling for a Quadrennial Energy Review, the first of which was released this May. More specifically, it includes insights on how to improve economic competitiveness, energy security, and environmental responsibility focused on energy generation, transmission, storage, and distribution. The review takes a look at threats and opportunities, and [...]

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For Sustainability, S&C ‘LEEDS’ by Example

During Earth Day a few weeks back, I got to thinking about how much effort S&C places on ensuring its processes and strategies focus on the environment. Long before being “green” was a household term, S&C made it a point to be responsive to the environmental needs of its local neighbors and the communities in [...]

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With Energy Storage Investment, Partner Viability Matters

Energy storage is proving its value by making the grid more reliable and efficient. The market is growing, driven by demand from utilities, municipalities, and commercial facilities seeking increased reliability and low-carbon operations. Grid-scale and commercial applications such as frequency regulation, grid hardening, and demand response underscore energy storage’s long-term significance. What is now being [...]

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Breaking the ‘ICE’ on Momentary-Outage Costs

Momentary outages, which have been on the rise, are causing frustration and increasing costs for today’s users of sensitive digital technology. Utilities have avoided taking a broad approach to reduce their momentary power outages, primarily because of the budgetary impact, as they traditionally have not been allowed to recover the costs associated with improving their [...]

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3 Important Considerations When Picking a Smart Grid Communication System

Think about the last time you bought a cell phone. You probably started thinking about the functions and features you wanted to get from the phone. How were you planning on using the phone? How was its battery life? What operating system did it run, and what apps did it support? What was the sound [...]

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