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A Simple ‘Pulse’ Technique to Improve Grid Reliability

In a previous blog item, I discussed the benefits newer technologies are affording to expand feeder segmentation through enhanced communication systems and coordination. However, it is not always possible to deploy the communication infrastructure to support this advanced type of device-to-device coordination because of the speed requirements necessary. It’s particularly problematic, for example, for customers […]

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The Future of ‘Behind-The-Meter’ Energy Storage

At the recent Solar Power International trade show, I had the opportunity to moderate a very interesting panel discussion exploring the future of “behind-the-meter” (BTM) energy storage, and I would like to share my key takeaways from the session. The panel included industry leaders from several innovative BTM energy storage companies, including: •    Advanced Microgrid […]

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IntelliRupter® PulseCloser™

Taming the Physical Stress from Fault Current

As I noted in an earlier blog item, the traditional use of Time-Current Characteristic (TCC) curve techniques to coordinate reclosers limits the number of devices a utility can place on a feeder for the purpose of carving it up so fewer customers are on a faulted segment. In response, more customers are using highly advanced […]

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At left, James Heappey, the British Member of Parliament for Wells and member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.

S&C Hosts UK Policymakers Seeking to Learn about Electrical Networks, Energy Storage

Two European policymakers visited S&C Electric Company’s Chicago headquarters recently to gauge from our expertise what the structure of electrical networks should look like. Their common concern was over whether the way their markets are constructed is adequate to achieve their governments’ energy ambitions. Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales, home of S&C’s Europe, Middle […]

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Improving Reliability Through Greater Feeder Segmentation

Some utilities have begun looking to increase feeder segmentation with advanced communications-based coordination, which would enable them to go beyond the limitations of conventional coordination techniques for traditional reclosers or circuit breakers. Today, feeder restoration commonly uses a loop scheme, where two sources with a number of sectionalizing devices, typically reclosers, are on a feeder […]

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Lessons Learned from Our Fire in Franklin

It has been one month since S&C experienced a fire in the assembly area of its Franklin, Wisconsin, facility. Let me start with the most important fact about this fire: no S&C team members were injured. I also want to thank the local fire and police departments who responded to the fire. Their fast response […]

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