It’s Cold Outside –Thank the Smart Grid That’s Not the Case Inside

With the beginning of a New Year and winter weather taking hold in many northern regions globally, one might expect to see more and more power outages caused by heavy snow and ice storms. But while such outages may continue when unusually inclement weather strikes, the extent to which homes are affected has dropped considerably over [...]

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Smart Grids: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

With 2014 now behind us, recent energy trends portend a future where utilities must react to stay in stride with changing market demands. These pressures, however, will not affect all utilities similarly, and certainly not all at once. Indeed, as distributed power generation grows, the subsequent disruption to the electrical grid will lead to a [...]

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The Value of Energy Storage Is Clear

Energy storage is already working for the electric grid, increasing its reliability, efficiency, and capacity. As storage technologies rapidly evolve, they continue to prove how vital they are to a smart low-carbon grid, particularly in the area of renewable energy integration. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has just announced $15 million in funding [...]

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S&C Ranking Shows Strength of Company’s Workforce

S&C Electric Company recently made it to the Employee Ownership 100, earning the rank of the nation’s 78th largest employee-owned company by the National Center for Employee Ownership. The ranking is important because it highlights valuable aspects of S&C’s company culture and our workforce. Nicholas Conrad founded S&C as a privately held company in 1911. [...]

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Who should pay for storage?

Energy storage is changing the world. I use the word “changing,” as opposed to “will change,” for a reason, as there are more than 750 megawatt hours of operational, grid-scale battery energy storage installed around the world. Despite what some contend, energy storage is beyond the theoretical and test projects. At S&C Electric Company, we’ve [...]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Broad-Scale Microgrid Integration

As the aging grid is increasingly strained by higher peak loads, it often fails to distribute power reliably from centralized generation. That’s one key reason microgrids are becoming mainstays for military installations, hospitals, and other facilities that can’t risk losing power. These facilities use microgrids to switch between grid-tied and “islanding” modes. Integrating more microgrids [...]

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