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Sustainability is an essential component of S&C's overall business strategy.

Long before “green” became a household term, S&C knew that taking care of our community meant taking care of our planet. For over a century, we have committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activities and enhancing the use of renewable energy sources.

S&C is never satisfied with the status quo–not for our products, and certainly not for our environmental efforts. It is because of this importance our efforts to find new ways to maintain a sustainable environment will continue to expand and positively impact our customers, our operations, and the environment worldwide.

To learn more about our sustainability work, download our 2016 Sustainability Report.

Key Measurements

One of S&C’s greatest successes is in the continuous reduction in electricity, natural gas, and water use. In 2016, S&C had its lowest use of electricity by kilowatt hour in more than a decade. Water and natural gas use has also fallen to its lowest level in several decades.


In June 2016, S&C put in a new fixture that helped reduce emissions of SF6 gas, which S&C uses as a fault-interrupting medium in some of its equipment. S&C had been recovering only about 35% of its SF6 gas from returned products, and the new fixture brought the amount up to about 65%. Newer equipment ordered in 2016 was expected to bring the percentage closer to 95% through automation in 2017. S&C recovered about 99% of SF6 gas used in the refi­lling process.

S&C’s production of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) has been significantly reduced as well. In 2016, S&C produced 0.9 tons of HAPs, down 22 percent from the previous year.

Waste Diversions

S&C has put an emphasis on recycling as we strive for our ultimate goal of zero landfill waste. In 2016, composting was introduced, and all carryout items in the cafeteria, except condiments, were converted over to compostable materials. Wood and shrink wrap are being recycled as well in our facilities. As a result, we avoided sending 92.6%, or 14.3 million pounds, of our waste to landfills.

Eco Eagles

In 2016, S&C established the ICONtrol My Impact program, which allows team members to take part in conserving energy and natural resources. Practices include grouped trash bins to separate cans and bottles, compost, paper, and landfill waste. This simple change helps S&C team members recognize the necessity of sustaining the environment.

Global Initiatives

S&C has taken on the role of building awareness for environmental sustainability globally.

In Canada

In Europe, Middle East, and Africa

S&C is helping to install electrical energy by implementing 305-W solar panel, a 220-Ah battery, a solar controller, and the necessary cabling to bring electricity to the district’s Dambilo School in Africa.

In Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean

In China

Green Power Leadership Club

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named S&C Electric Company a member of the Green Power Leadership Club. S&C uses only renewable sources in our main manufacturing facility. Learn more here.

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