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Post-Sales Support

S&C is committed to supporting our customers throughout a product’s lifecycle with world-class customer service.

General Inquiries, Quotes, and Information on Non-Commissioned S&C Products
Please click here to contact your local sales representative.

For Parts, Spare Part Programs, Retrofits, Upgrades, and Warranty Extensions
1-888-762-1100 or by e-mail at

Support for Commissioned S&C Equipment
Please use the list below to find the appropriate contact information.

Automation Products

Call 1-855-381-8800, or e-mail

  • IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System
  • IntelliTeam® VV Volt-Var Optimization System
  • 6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls
  • IntelliCom® Mesh Radios
  • IntelliNode™ Interface Module
  • SpeedNet™ Radios
  • IntelliCap® Automatic Capacitor Controls
  • IntelliCap Plus® Automatic Capacitor Controls
  • BankGuard Plus® Controls
  • Device Management Software
  • Communication and Control Units
  • M Series® Switch Operators
  • Micro-AT® Source-Transfer Controls
  • Scada-Mate® Switching Systems
  • Scada-Mate CX™ Switching Systems
  • IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter
  • Source-Transfer and Remote Supervisory Pad-Mounted Gear
  • Source-Transfer and Remote Supervisory Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear

Energy Storage and Power Quality Systems

Call 1-855-381-1660, or e-mail

  • Purewave® Community Energy Storage System
  • Purewave® Storage Management System
  • PureWave® UPS Systems
  • PureWave® DSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator

Fusing Equipment and Handling Tools

Call 1-773-338-1000, or click here to contact us.

  • SMD® Power Fuses, Outdoor Transmission
  • SMD® Power Fuses, Outdoor Distribution
  • SM Power Fuses, Outdoor Distribution
  • Fault Tamer® Fuse Limiter, Outdoor Distribution
  • TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Reclosers, Outdoor Distribution
  • Type XS Fuse Cutout, Outdoor Distribution
  • Three-Shot Type XS Fuse Cutout, Outdoor Distribution
  • SM & SML Power Fuses, Indoor Distribution
  • Fault Fiter® Electronic Power Fuse, Indoor Distribution
  • Positrol® Fuse Links
  • Loadbuster® Tool
  • Handling Tools

Underground Distribution Switchgear

Call 1-888-762-1100, or e-mail

  • PMH Pad-Mounted Gear
  • PME Pad-Mounted Gear
  • Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear

Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, Distribution

Call 1-888-762-1100, or e-mail

  • Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear
  • PMX™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear
  • System VI™ Switchgear

Switching Equipment, Transmission and Substation

Call 1-888-762-1100, or e-mail

  • Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher
  • Mark V Circuit-Switcher
  • Mark VI Circuit-Switcher
  • Trans-Rupter II® Transformer Protector
  • Circuit-Isolator II™ Disconnect
  • Line-Rupter™

Switching Equipment, Distribution

Call 1-888-762-1100, or e-mail

  • Alduti-Rupter® Switches, Overhead
  • Omni-Rupter® Switches, Overhead
  • Scada-Mate® Switching Systems, Overhead
  • Scada-Mate CX™ Switching Systems, Overhead
  • IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter, Overhead
  • Recloser Bypass Disconnects, Overhead
  • Regulator Bypass Switches, Overhead
  • Loadbuster Disconnect®, Overhead
  • Mini-Rupter® Switches, Indoor
  • Alduti-Rupter® Switches, Indoor
  • Loadbuster® Tool

Cypoxy Products

Call 1-773-338-1000, or click here to contact us.

  • Station Post Insulators
  • Indoor Insulators
  • Custom Components