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Efficient acquisition of resources is essential to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. S&C has the capability to procure the equipment, materials, skilled labor, and services needed to get the job done.

Our procurement specialists have decades of experience in the electric utility industry and understand the complexities involved in selecting appropriate suppliers for your project. We have established a database of suppliers with whom we’ve worked around the world. Each has been thoroughly investigated to verify their compliance to S&C’s stringent quality and safety standards.

S&C has also developed an extensive database of skilled subcontractors who can provide the services needed for specific portions of your work. We can utilize the minority, small business, and local subcontractors needed to achieve your local, state, and federally mandated subcontracting participation goals.

S&C’s procurement professionals have extensive experience in managing suppliers. Your project goals will be met with strict adherence to quality, safety, schedule, and budgetary requirements. With S&C as your procurement partner, you’re assured of receiving the best overall value for your investment.

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