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Major EPC Projects

Major EPC Projects

What separates S&C from the hundreds of other service providers out there? It’s simple. S&C is a specialist in specific project types. Where others say “we can,” we have proven that “we do,” making our expertise unmatched. We deliver projects on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) basis for many customers, ensuring projects are managed efficiently by a single, central resources – S&C.

We are dedicated to being more than your services supplier. As a solution provider, we are committed to helping you solve the problems facing your power systems.

Through EPC services, S&C has successfully delivered solutions to customers around the world. Take a moment to see what we can do for you.

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of one of S&C's renewable projects.

S&C is a leading expert in the design of wind and solar power interconnection projects. Through our projects, we have successfully connected more than 5 GW of renewable energy to the grid. With our experience, you can be certain that we will meet your renewable power project needs and schedule.

You don’t like the unexpected, and neither do we. It costs time, money, and resources. S&C’s experts will work closely with you from the start to plan, design, procure, and construct your renewable power project in a dependable, predictable manner.

Renewable power projects involve much more than just wind generators and solar arrays. S&C delivers solutions that address intermittency, leverage energy storage, and enable distributed renewables, making the incorporation of renewable energy resources much more practical and economical.

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Microgrids use distributed generation to give customers the ability to island themselves from the electric grid. These islanded grids can help major power users improve reliability and achieve their net-zero, renewable energy, and security goals.

S&C has been an innovator of power system solutions for more than 100 years and understands what it takes on a fundamental level to provide clean, sustainable, and secure power for remote, military, institutional, and commercial grids. Based on this foundation of expertise, S&C has implemented complete, field-proven microgrid solutions that can help you realize major goals for microgrids today.

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Power Quality

With the ever-increasing use of sensitive electronic equipment, the continuity, reliability, and quality of electrical service has become extremely crucial to many power users. S&C can analyze your power quality problem and provide an effective solution.

Our experts will perform on-site monitoring as well as voltage regulation and voltage control analysis to evaluate the impact of voltage sags, interruptions, motor starting, and/or flicker on end-user equipment. We will model your system to determine how it performs under transient and contingent operating conditions. The results will provide you with a total power quality solution.

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Distribution Systems and Automation

S&C’s specialization in electric power switching and protection has given us the insight and knowledge needed to develop a distribution system that’s right for you. We’ll analyze your requirements, then design and build a safe, efficient overhead or underground distribution system that provides reliable power for your customers, today and tomorrow.

Your distribution system needs to be self-healing. Our experts can help you achieve this goal by providing complete EPC services for an automated distribution system featuring S&C’s industry-leading IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System or High-Speed Fault-Clearing System.

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Substation projects range in complexity from relay control panel upgrades to feeder bay or capacitor bank additions . . . to completely new substations. Whether it’s a “brown-field” or “green-field” site, S&C has the expertise to implement your substation project from concept through construction.

We can manage all aspects of your project, including preliminary engineering, permitting design, construction, testing, and commissioning. S&C will work with you to deliver a quality project that meets your cost and scheduling requirements. After project completion, we can provide ongoing maintenance, equipment monitoring, asset management, and emergency response not only for S&C equipment . . . but for all critical substation equipment.

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“S&C – Pioneers in Energy Storage”

S&C is at the forefront of energy storage and has successfully implemented large-scale and residential-scale projects worldwide. To date, we have deployed more than 30 MW of energy storage, resulting in more than 150 MWh of installed capacity. From 25 kW to over 5 MW of storage, our experts will work with you to design and deploy a system that meets your unique needs.

First, we’ll establish your storage requirements. Then we’ll design and build an appropriate energy storage solution, such as the S&C PureWave® Storage Management System or S&C PureWave® Community Energy Storage System.

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