Power from the Sun: Circuit-Switchers with Solar-Powered Operators

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Solar-powered operatorsOne of the largest utilities in Brazil has 80 Mark V Circuit-Switchers installed on their transmission system — custom-engineered to mount on 50-foot-high tower structures. A recent expansion of their system called for the installation of three new Mark V Circuit-Switchers and retrofitting of two existing Mark III Circuit-Switchers. The five Circuit-Switchers were to be furnished with automation controls that would allow them to be operated by the utility’s SCADA system. The challenge: finding a cost-effective way to provide control power to the associated Type CS-1A Switch Operators. Continue reading

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Technical Paper: Battery Management for Ultimate UPS Reliability

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Battery reliability is the number one concern of users of UPS systems. Conventional UPS systems subject the batteries to continuous ripple current from front end rectifiers, and limit battery management strategies in double-conversion systems. S&C Electric Company has pioneered a unique UPS design that allows for a more comprehensive battery management program, providing an enhanced level of reliability and system availability.

This paper discusses S&C’s battery management program and presents its field proven results. Click here for the full paper.

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Prison Slams the Door on Delinquent RTUs . . . and Chooses Reliable S&C Automatic Switch Controls

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An expansion project at a federal prison facility in Oklahoma called for the construction of several new buildings and upgrading of the existing medium-voltage distribution system. The existing system included nine units of S&C Remote Supervisory Pad-Mounted Gear . . . three additional units were to be installed as part of the upgrade.

The existing gear was equipped with customer-specified remote terminal units that never fulfilled performance expectations. These RTUs were to have permitted remote operation of the gear and provide real-time data from a master station but did not do so. More reliable supervisory control was sought during the expansion project, to ensure that the distribution system could be transferred to a second utility source in the event the primary source was lost. Continue reading

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IntelliTeam II Improves Reliability When Conventional Source Transfer Can’t

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A southeastern U.S. electric cooperative needed to improve their service reliability for a growing commercial area . . . or face the possibility that other retailers, who were evaluating the commercial development for new stores, might elect to locate elsewhere. The co-op wanted to take a proactive stance — to prepare for future growth and improve reliability for the existing stores too.

The problem was perplexing. Alternate power circuits in the vicinity of the commercial area either lacked sufficient capacity or were not reliable enough to allow implementation of a traditional source-transfer scheme. Also, traffic congestion made line repair difficult; it typically took hours to repair faults in the area. Continue reading

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PureWave UPS Cures Power Quality Problems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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PureWave UPS at Pharmaceutical ManufacturerA pharmaceutical company in Puerto Rico was experiencing over 50 power disruptions every year. In addition to losing valuable production, the resulting equipment damage was costing them over $80,000 annually.

But power disturbances weren’t their only problem. They were being assessed demand charges of over $90,000 annually by the utility company serving their facilities, due to poor power factor. Continue reading

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S&C Completes Circuit-Switcher Order in Record Time

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Rush circuit-switcher orderS&C recently met an urgent request for a 230-kV Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher Model 2010 from one of our East Coast utility customers. The order was entered, and the Circuit-Switcher was built, tested, and shipped in an unbelievable three days!

How did we do it? A well-coordinated production team . . . cooperation across several divisions . . . the right parts . . . a continuous production schedule . . . and — most importantly — a corporate culture that stresses superior customer service. Power Systems Services, Switch Products, U.S. Sales, and Shipping all pulled together to make it happen.

It started with a phone call . . . Continue reading

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