System VI Switchgear Now Available With 2000-A Main Bus

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2000-A System VI SwitchgearS&C has been continually expanding the Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear product line since it was first introduced. Now, S&C is pleased to introduce another great addition to the Vista UDS / System VI Switchgear family: 2000-ampere continuous rated main bus! This exciting new offering was initiated through discussions with S&C’s customers. Continue reading

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Major Midwestern Utility Opts for IntelliTeam II Automatic Restoration System to Increase Reliability

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A major user of the original IntelliTeam Automatic Reconfiguration System upgraded one particularly problematic feeder to IntelliTeam II in September 2004 as a trial of the newest in feeder automation technology. Continue reading

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S&C and IntelliTeam II Play Critical Role in the Largest Distribution Automation Project in Canada

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ENMAX Power Corporation has initiated a five-year plan to automate eighty 25-kV lines and the worst-performing 13.8-kV feeders in the Calgary, Alberta, service territory. ENMAX’s system reliability goal is to move the utility’s SAIDI and SAIFI statistics from the second quartile to the first as measured against sixteen Canadian peer utilities’ performances. Nineteen 25-kV feeders were included in the first phase, which went live in March 2004. Phase Two, which involves fifteen 13.8-kV feeders, is targeted for an early 2005 completion date. Continue reading

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Kibbutz Chooses Vista Switchgear Over Traditional Gear

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Kibbutz Cabri, a cooperative settlement in Israel located a few miles from the Lebanon border, is involved in agricultural endeavors such as cattle production and avocado, banana, and pear farming. The kibbutz also includes a number of manufacturing facilities, among them makers of precision aluminum castings and plastic parts.

Kibbutz Cabri needed to upgrade their 22-kV system for underground service. They wanted compact switchgear that would be easy to operate and simple to understand. S&C’s Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear met all the requirements. Continue reading

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Trans-Rupter II Fills a “Tall Order” for Improved Transformer Protection

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A large utility in the southwest U.S. contracted with S&C’s Power Systems Services Division to study ways to improve their system reliability. One concern was a substation with four 138/13.8-kV transformers.

The existing transformer protection scheme used the line-terminal circuit breakers and bus breakers to trip the entire high-voltage bus after a fault. The motor-operated air-break disconnect switch on the primary side of each transformer would then open, isolating its associated transformer. Only after the system operator located the faulted transformer could the disconnect switches on the unfaulted transformers be closed, followed by the line-terminal and bus breakers. Continue reading

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New Zealand Waste Disposal Company Chooses S&C’s System VI Switchgear

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System VI SwitchgearAs part of the consent requirement to operate their landfill, a waste disposal firm in New Zealand was required to extract and destroy the methane created during anaerobic decomposition of the organic waste material. This landfill, located north of Auckland, is the largest in New Zealand and processes approximately 2000 tons of waste a day. Covering 175 acres, the site has a capacity of 20 million cubic meters. Continue reading

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