PureWave UPS System Fills the Prescription for Hospital Expansion

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Boone Hospital Center, located in Columbia, Missouri, is one of the largest health care facilities in the state. It specializes in cardiology, obstetrics, orthopedics, and oncology. An $18.6-Million facility renovation was recently undertaken, which includes a four-story, 80,000-square-foot addition that houses distribution, central supply/sterilization, pre-operative space, cardiac catheter labs (the first stop for heart attack and stroke patients), and new operating theaters.

When the expansion was announced, the surgical staff requested that the electrical system be protected from momentary power outages due to lightning strikes, which are very common during the summer. Continue reading

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Relay Upgrade for Southeastern U.S. Utility Improves Reliability

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To improve the reliability of their distribution system, an investor-owned utility in the Southeastern U.S. turned to S&C to upgrade the existing electromechanical protection and control equipment on their 15-kV and 23-kV feeder breakers.

New relay panels would be required. The microprocessor-based relays would be connected to the utility’s SCADA system to improve outage response time, and thus improve the reliability indices of their distribution system. Continue reading

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Maker of Lens Cleaning Solution Clearly Sees Advantages of PureWave UPS System

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A maker of lens cleaning solution, located near Toronto, Ontario, has a strictly controlled manufacturing process which requires a clean room environment. Motor-driven blowers are used to maintain positive air pressure in the clean rooms.

Their facilities were experiencing a dozen or so power disturbances annually that adversely affected production. Even slight voltage sags caused the blower motor contactors to drop out, stopping the motors. Continue reading

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Technical Paper: Economical Self-Powered Transformer Protection

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Traditionally, substation transformer protection was provided by relayed circuit breakers or circuit-switchers, power fuses, or relayed-remote fault-interrupting schemes. Relayed protective schemes required an expensive substation control house and station batteries. Power fuses can only be applied where the continuous and fault interrupting currents are within their more limited capabilities. A new transformer protective device was developed to address the short-comings of traditional protective measures. The device has high interrupting capacity similar to circuit breakers, and higher continuous current capacity than fuses. But, like power fuses, the new device derives power for fault sensing and tripping from the fault current itself — a relay control house is not required and the need for batteries and associated maintenance is eliminated, providing the most economical protection possible. Unlike power fuses, separate secondary neutral current sensing can be applied for more sensitive protection against ground faults and three-phase tripping is possible, even for single-phase faults. Continue reading

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Technical Paper: New Approaches to Maximizing Reliability

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Utilities are faced with the considerable challenge of providing an alternate source for increasing numbers of power-sensitive customers. In the past, this meant that an additional feeder, with sufficient capacity to meet the customer’s demand, had to be routed to the customer’s site, often at considerable expense. Or, alternatively, valuable capacity had to be reserved on existing lines. Either way, the customer is faced with higher service costs, which may lead them to seek another provider or another location which better meets their financial needs . . . sometimes not in the power provider’s territory. Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Manufacturer Turns to S&C for Special Vista Switchgear

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Wind turbineIn April 2003, a wind turbine manufacturer contacted S&C regarding the availability of 38-kV switchgear suitable for switching and protecting their wind turbine generating towers. Eighty one-way units were required for a large new windfarm located in Wyoming. The caveat: the gear had to fit through a 23 x 54 inch doorway located in the base of the tower.

Although no product currently available met the dimensional requirements of the application, S&C’s Metal-Enclosed Gear Products Division explored the possibility. In remarkably short turnaround time, they designed a special type of Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear that met the size needs. Continue reading

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