Mining Company Gets Clean Power Source

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United Materials, of Great Falls, Montana, operates a large mining facility. It had been powered by five diesel generator sets, ranging in size from 500 to 1000 kW. But the high costs of diesel fuel and generator maintenance, along with reliability concerns, led the owner to consider other options.

Working with Exergy Development Group and S&C’s Power Systems Services, United Materials decided to construct a wind farm with an interconnection to the transmission system of the serving utility, Northwestern Energy. Continue reading

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S&C PureWave UPS featured in recent issue of Distributed Energy Magazine

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“UPS: for When the Grid Goes Down”. Power provided by the grid is more than up to the job of powering lights and motors, but when you want to power tele- and data communications equipment, or if you are manufacturing microelectronics, you need to take the power that comes from the utility and clean it up. The right kind of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) not only can keep the equipment running during a power failure, it can also provide a clean source of power. Click here to read the entire article.

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Expanding Data Center Selects PureWave UPS System

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A data center in Montana needed a new building to handle their expanding business. One problem they faced involved their existing UPS, which protected 13 server and two telecommunication racks. It would not be adequate for the new facility, which would include more than 50 racks. And, as a further requirement, the data center wanted UPS protection for their developers’ workstations, and the computer room and its HVAC system. After the initial expansion, the load was expected to grow to 560 kVA within five years. Continue reading

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City Promotes Economic Development with High-Reliability Electric Power

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The importance of reliable, high-quality electric power is increasingly being recognized by utility customers. It fosters economic development and enhances the attractiveness of a service area to “new technology” businesses.

For these reasons, the City of Danville, Virginia, sought a high-reliability distribution system to serve a new 330-acre high-technology Cyber Park anchored by the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research and the Regional Center for Applied Technology and Training. Danville had just started an aggressive economic development initiative and understood the advantages of promoting a unique set of utility services to differentiate the Cyber Park from other regional parks. Dependable switchgear would be needed, as well as engineering and installation support services. Danville Power & Light (DP&L) owned and operated by the City of Danville, serves approximately 42,000 customers in a 500-square-mile service territory covering portions of a three-county area. Continue reading

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Pad-Mounted Gear Inspection Program Helps Utility Manage Aging Assets

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Expanding upon an existing program to externally inspect the condition of their pad-mounted switchgear, a large investor-owned electric utility in the southeastern United States outsourced the comprehensive internal and external inspection of its entire installed base of 1,800 pad-mounted gear units to S&C. Performed with the gear energized, the objective of the inspection program was to develop a prioritized approach to maintenance, which would ultimately extend the life of the gear, reduce outages, and increase system reliability. Continue reading

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Introducing the Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect Switch

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S&C is pleased to announce the new Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect . . . for use in distribution substations and anywhere an isolating disconnect is required. It is available in voltage ratings of 69 through 138 kV, and continuous current ratings of 1200, 1600, and 2000 amperes. Continue reading

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