S&C Global Headquarters and Manufacturing Center Purchasing 100 Percent Renewable Energy


S&C Electric Company, a global leader in renewable energy integration, announces that it is now purchasing electricity exclusively generated from renewable energy sources for its Chicago campus. This renewable energy purchase for approximately 40 million kWH of electricity each year will eliminate an estimated 63 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This roughly equates to the carbon emissions reductions that would be achieved in one year if 5400 passenger cars were taken off the road or if 3600 homes stopped using electricity.

S&C’s Chicago campus, the company’s largest facility, includes S&C’s global headquarters and a majority of its engineering and manufacturing operations. Roughly 1,700 S&C employees are based at this location.

“S&C’s purchase of 100 percent renewable energy for our Chicago operations marks another step in our work to help communities worldwide transition to greener energy supplies,” says Dan Girard, Director—Business Development, Renewable Energy, S&C. “We are not only developing solutions that make it practical to connect green energy sources to the grid, we are also working to set an example through our own business practices.”

Apart from its renewable energy purchase, S&C continues to incorporate environmental best practices into its business operations. S&C is a registered Green Suppliers Network Partner, a U.S. EPA-funded network that assists manufacturers in improving business processes to increase energy efficiency and minimize waste.

“A manufacturing facility and global headquarters on one campus means a lot of power use, which increases the imperative to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions,” says John Blumenshine, Vice President—Facilities, S&C. “The renewable energy purchase is a significant milestone for our U.S. operations, and demonstrates our commitment to greening our business.”

S&C’s Chicago campus also officially meets the ISO 140001:2004 Environmental Management Standards. These standards provide a framework for handling an organization’s environmental policy, plans and actions, to help companies minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

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